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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Happy Birthday, mjules.

Her birthday's actually tomorrow, but I'm having my own birthday party tomorrow, so I'm going to be busy, so I'm posting this now.

I timelined us recently, but I like the excuse to do a more thorough one.

I feedbacked a bunch of her Firefly fic in fall 2005 and then some of her X-Men fic in late June, 2006.

I recced a bunch of these fics as well, and then in early June, 2007, I was going back through my recs, fixing the deadlinks and eventually duplicating them all on del.icio.us, and I left her a comment asking for a working link to a fic (she had locked down her journal and reposted her fic to a comm, but she had missed a few in the reposting). She responded and also checked out my journal. Where she saw my CWM writeups and suchlike, at a time when she was in the midst of making peace with her own queerness and Christian upbringing. She friended me the very next day (June 7, 2007).

We were just sort of casual LJ friends, and then in November I enlisted her to answer a Starbucks question and that catalyzed a number of things. She wasn't much involved in those things, but then near the very end of January I emailed her about something and she messaged me in response and we ended up chatting for three hours. We established our mutual lack of TMI boundaries, discussed spirituality, and mjules said, "*giggles* I get the feeling I'm becoming your chat grammar girlfriend. ;)"

We ended up having parallel track relationships, and our style of "relat[ing] to things by relating it to myself" in chatting with each other worked really well. In March, I flew her up for a long-weekend visit.

She's a "crazy tree-hugging hippie pagan," and I wouldn't have initially thought we would become close at all, but we totally have. I am so so grateful for her willingness to listen to me talk incessantly and how she is so non-judgmental and how she is willing to believe me (though she doesn't hesitate to tell me when she has a different interpretation of a situation than I do, which I value, she never tries to convince me that I'm wrong and always respects that I'm bringing different things to the situation than she would be). And I love that we can chat easily about so many things, not just the one "topic" that initially brought us together.

So yeah, *celebrates you*
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