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happy extended birthday to me


I didn't get to bed until about midnight Friday night (oops), but Saturday I got up before 9am (when I had set my alarm for) of my own accord (yay).

Heather arrived before anyone else and asked me who else was coming and as I was telling her she would say things like, "Oh, is that so-and-so who such-and-such?" and was almost always correct -- though sometimes it wasn't what I would have intuitively selected as a stand-out piece of info re: a given person.  I said that got me wondering what my salient piece of info was when being talked about (a la "what's my 'but'?" in HIMYM).

I told her Katie from work was coming and she asked if that was the new Nicole.  I said no, that's Sara, who had family stuff and so couldn't come.  She said oh, so Katie's the new Eric then, and I said I supposed she was, though I don't think her of as the new anyone anymore.

Heather and I had flirted with the idea of nametags (Name, LJ username if applicable, where I know the person from) and there were definitely times I felt like that would have been a really good idea.  But people seemed to get along fairly well, and there weren't too many awkward pauses.

I encouraged people to bring food (and was pleased that latecomers brought food, since the food I'd provided was running out -- Mike and Meredith brought fruit salad, Hilary brought homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Jonah brought chips and guac), but I totally wasn't expecting gifts.  I guess I felt like my birthday was an excuse to have a party rather than something that needed to be All About Me.  When my roses came at work and I was telling Jean (a woman from Records Management whom they put at the desk behind me at work) about how I hadn't realized the roses were for me until I looked at the card, she said that's a sure sign of humility.

+ Heather got me a Browncoat t-shirt from Universal Orlando .  I may use it as a gym t-shirt (since that's about the only place I wear t-shirts these days).
+ Katie got me a Blue Cloud Gallery gift certificate (with a purple hyacinth on the front of the card!).
+ Kate got me a tart (which I haven't eaten yet) from Athan's in Brighton.
+ Meredith got me a "sufficiently bizarre" card and an "I read Banned Books" bracelet.
+ Jessie got me a "cupcake cupcat" card.
+ I am getting surprise!cupcakes from Allie at some point.  (Also, Allie said I underestimate my parents -- that my mom called me from the airport day-of and that they bought me flowers.)
+ Mike and Meredith left my flowers on their dining room table by accident :)
+ Michelle said she hadn't been able to get me my present yet, so tragically she'll just have to come back some other time :)
+ Hilary got me a Buffy birthday card.
+ Rachel gave me a PetitCollin.com postcard -- wrote on the back: "Doesn't this doll sit right on the line of beautiful and creepy? =)" -- and a Crystal Growing Box Kit, which she said I should put up at work.

I flipped people off twice (man, it's been like forever since I last did that, no?), and the second time I joked to Allie about my halo she said whenever I say that she pictures the floating flaming crown from Hellboy.  I approve of that.

About quarter past eight, Allie and Hilary were still at my apartment, so we headed to Antonia's for dinner, 'cause I have minimal options in terms of dinner food in my house.  We got seated around 9:15, had a great waitress (Alisha), and good food (I got fettuccine veggie), though again they ran out of cannoli.  Around like 10:30, Hilary went home and we went to JP Licks.  Allie got El Diablo (chocolate, cinnamon, cayenne pepper -- definitely has a kick) and I got pistachio.  I also got a JP Licks rewards card, though I feel like I've been eating an excess of ice cream recently.  We hung out outside (where there were drag queens?) and it was almost quarter past midnight when we finally parted ways.


I was significantly more tired Sunday than I was on Saturday.  And walking home from CHPC I remembered that I had agreed to co-lead discussion on a film I hadn't seen (Before Stonewall -- Mark M. burned me a DVD copy, but it only played audio no video; I don't understand why) after CWM.  As it turned out, I was perfectly awake for that, plus I ended up not having to do anything.

I did do more laundry (bedsheets - long overdue), washed yesterday's dishes, and bought groceries (for me, as opposed to what I bought on Friday, which was basically all for the party).  I rested some before evening church, though I don't think I ever actually fell asleep, so I can't really call it napping.

Mike brought over my flowers, so they're now in a lovely vase (left in the kitchen, unsure who it actually belongs to) on the dining room table.

Opening reception for the newest exhibition at the Nave Gallery, "The Secret Knowledge of Water," this Friday from 6-8pm.  Anyone wanna come with me?
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