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"You never had a Watcher."

Happy Birthday, paper_crystals and musesfool.

I did ~30min in the weight room this morning.

Wow Luna Sunrise Bars are sweet.  (I had a Strawberry Crumble this morning.)

At lunch, walking from Spangler to the Baker-Morgan patio, there were sprinklers going and I couldn't resist walking through them even though it wasn't actually that hot out.

I actually had work to do today -- what up?  I spent the morning getting full text versions of a couple dozen of articles for Prof.D. (plus fixing an expense report) and then I was gonna go to I was going to go to Gutman to photocopy an article that wasn't available online but instead I proofread an article on organizational trust.

A guy with a thick Spanish accent called me at work needing my email address (it was legit) and I actually busted out the NATO phonetic alphabet (though on repeat I did "sam" and "nancy" for "sierra" and "november").  He was having no end of trouble with "Y," though -- kept thinking I was saying "J" or something.  I was wracking my brain for what else besides "Yankee" begins with "Y" (I literally said, "the letter before Z, the second-to-last letter in the alphabet," but that was not helping any) and literally Googled it and said "Yahoo" and he got it.

Tonight I was making mac&cheese and realized I hadn't taken a stick of butter out of the freezer after I used up the last one.  So I took one out and figured I'd just try to cut it.  I wasn't really paying attention, though, and I wasn't cutting straight down, so the knife of course failed to cut the frozen butter very much and went right across.  I saw the big gouge and was like, "Ooh, that's gonna scar."  I kept pressure on it and kept it elevated, and it kept pouring blood, and I was beginning to think with annoyance that I was going to have to trek to the hospital, but no, I can has platelets.

I think I may have whatever it is that Kate bought me for dessert.
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