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[Thursday] Huh, tomorrow's Friday.

This morning's metro included a piece on the new Black Canary Barbie.

I did ~30min in the weight room this morning.  I didn't really want to start, but once I got going I was fine, which pleased me.

Tonight I changed the bandaid on my finger (see Tuesday's entry), in large part because it would twinge sometimes (though it's mostly stopped bleeding when I move it wrong) and I was getting anxious that it was healing wrong.  I was worried that it had scabbed into the gauze and when I went to change it there would be pain and bleeding.  I was worried that I had somehow pushed the wound together wrong in my hasty bandaging and it would heal all wrong.  I was worried that it was infected and I would be busting out the rubbing alcohol and debating going to the hospital.  What I was not prepared for was a patch of white around the wound (which felt kind of like when I get novacaine in my mouth, prompting me to think, "Did I really kill off such a huge swath of healthy nerves and tissue?"), the wound not being scabbed at all just being red like there's raw tissue exposed, a little canyon, and the tissue having sort of wrinkled edges like it's beginning to heal (which makes me think scarring is inevitable).  The wound is actually not quite as long as I had initially thought it might be, so that's one good thing.

There is a new announcement in news

Account Structure Update
Back by popular demand, Basic Accounts will be available to all users again by the end of the (northern hemisphere) summer. More information on the decision-making process and proposals relating to Basic Accounts are in lj_2008.
Hallelujuah!  (Though apparently they will not quite be ye-olde ad-free accounts?)
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