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[Saturday] boring update

I was going to go to bed early tonight, but instead I ended up IMing with like a half a dozen people.  Which . . . yay for people.  I FINALLY heard back from Joe.  And had good conversation with Cat (and made plans for a visit).  And chatted with various other people, including a CL girl who is at least cooler in IM than she is in email.

I am impressed that I still haven't crashed any day this week despite consistently not getting enough sleep.  Last night I woke up after two and a half hours and turned off my fan.  And then woke up six hours later warm and sticking to my sheets.  (Ah the perils of having window fans rather than AC.  Though it certainly pleases me that it cools off sufficient overnight.)  I so did not want to get up, but eventually had to because I had an appointment to get my hair cut (Salon Cu with Christine).  I got it cut a little shorter than last time, so hopefully it won't start annoying me quite so quickly.

I considered going to ArtBeat despite the heat, but it wasn't even noon yet, so I figured nothing would be set up yet, and I felt like, "Didn't I do enough last night by going to the gallery opening and then chatting with my neighbors?"  (Yeah, you can tell I was highly motivated.)

I did do laundry, and picked up milk, and washed dishes, and cleaned the kitchen a little, and visited CWM!Beth.

Looking at all my furniture, I am seriously considering a U-Haul.  I did clear out three more bags of paper.  I left a bunch of college notebooks 'cause I just wasn't up for ripping out the pages I might wanna keep even though I know I should since notebooks take up space and are heavy and all.

Ari called me earlier to say they'd arrived safely in Kansas City -- everything's in the apartment now, though of course unpacking will take some time.
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