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"a road worth walking down"

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:54min
2mi @ ?? min
3mi @ 36:09min
3.72mi @ 45min


My roses are kinda black now that they've dried out significantly.  FUH was in briefly today and said he liked them, that they're "kind of dark and evil."  FTW!


I heard about Frank Miller's film adaptation of Will Eisner's The Spirit via friendsfriends.

Master List for Stacey round at short_takes (BSC fic)
    I have sadface that I missed signups for that, though it's probably for the best.  (Hi, the last fic I manged to finish was Secret Slasha.)


Two more bags of paper going to the curb.

My mom emailed me:
You know, it sounds to me, from the "bag o' paper" count, that you have taken a significant bite out of your collection of useless paper (oops, I meant Potentially Very Important Documents).
Hey, in the bottom of the last box I went through, I found my bartending book and my massage class books!  I knew I couldn't have actually lost them.

Oh god, Boston Zine Fair (September 20-21).  I should not go and yet you know I will.


The gash on my finger is healing, though it still looks kind of grotesque -- like the skin really isn't pushed together.  Should I have gone to the hospital and gotten stitches?  Should I go to the hospital anyway?
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