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And now it is raining, which also makes me happy.

I realized that the weather must have improved when I got home last night and didn't turn my window fan on.  And despite having gone to bed at midnight, I didn't have a problem waking up/getting up with my 6am alarm, so I must have actually gotten some quality sleep.  Magic 106.7 this morning said it was "67 in the Back Bay."  Rejoice!

I did ~30min in the weight room this morning.

I stopped by RadioShack on the way home to get a wireless adapter (I have a desktop and the place I'm moving in to is set up for wireless) and there were a bunch, which didn't seem markedly different.  Is there anything I should be looking for specifically?  'Cause otherwise I will just buy the cheapest ($39.99) one.


In some down time today I read the Gawker interview with Joss (it's about Dr. Horrible but doesn't really have any spoilers).
Q. In my dreams I traverse great depths and voids of unnamed space and find myself in a netherworld where untold numbers of Buffy and Firefly props are just laying around and I can just take them back to my apartment and mount them in the sweetest little shrines. What Buffy/Firefly props have you held onto as personal mementos?

A. I have a life-sized Sean Maher made of human flesh that keeps screaming that it's the real Sean Maher and I should unchain it. Amazing technology!

Also in going through some old YahooNews notifications, I read a SyFy Portal interview with Summer Glau which has an interesting take on one complaint I've heard about Cameron. 
Playing the somewhat emotionally and societally detached Cameron, Glau has had to face an evolution of sorts with her robotic character. Some viewers felt that it was inconsistent of her character to be very human when she is first introduced in the pilot, and then suddenly be more machine than anything else as the series has wore on.

"We were experimenting with Cameron quite a bit, and we wanted her to be able to seem to be human, and we especially wanted John to be fooled by her so that he would let her into his life," Glau said. "So in the pilot, I do act very human, and as I go through the series, it appears that I have taken steps back and acting more like the Terminator that I am."

Cameron is trying to develop more of a human perspective, but Glau says she likes the challenge of trying to achieve a real sense of that, not just one that was programmed to fool John in the beginning.

"Once her cover was blown with the Connors, she was able to drop that persona and become who she really is," Glau said.
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