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Today's been a day of thunderstorms.

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 12:14min [my legs were tired! this morning, which confused me]
2mi @ 25? min
3mi @ 37.14min
3.62mi @ 45min


I keep wanting to talk about stuff from CNN's American Morning, but I don't have the time/energy to do a proper post, especially given that I of course would want to do additional research and not just react to stuff based on my sense from whatever.


liviapenn's post is one of the best on the FanHistory matter.  (Which is far more serious than I had first realized, since all I saw at first was a shoddy "wiki.")

Apparently we are also arguing about concrit again?
    I get the rationale that the time for crit is when a fic is in beta stage and not after it's been posted . . .  but, I really don't feel bad about leaving feedback [and yes, I mean public LJ comments -- I basically only email feedback if I read the story somewhere that doesn't have a comment function] for a fic saying what I think didn't work (though I only leave feedback if I have at least one positive thing to say about the fic).  And I will ALWAYS comment with typo alerts (unless I can't think of anything nice to say about the story, because that just feels mean -- even though I personally would rather someone driveby alerted me to a typo on one of MY posts even if they didn't say anything else, and in fact even if they said plenty else and it was all negative).
    P.S. I like this post.


This afternoon's mail run, the mail guy said, "You got a cut?" gesturing to his jawline.  "Over the weekend," I said; "it took you a few days to notice."  He said he's been having a busy week, but "it looks nice."  I thanked him.

I didn't get to meet with B (other legitimately important stuff took precedence) but to his credit he was actually apologetic about that.  And we did get a few things taken care of -- a small fraction of the total list, but better than nothing.

My bandaid was annoying me, so I took it off after I got home tonight, and it looks like the wound is actually knitting and healing.  Which comforts me as I was worried it was just gonna be this wide open gash.  Yeah it'll probably scar, but I'll live.  I already have a scar on one of my knuckles on that hand anyway.  It's still got a kind of pins-and-needles feeling, which makes me mildly nervous, but I trust none of that nerve damage is permanent  . . . and it doesn't impair my use of my finger anyway.
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