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This steady rain is probably better for growing things than the brief thunderstorms.

I did ~30min in the weight room this morning.  Was really not into it until about twenty minutes in, at which point it got easier.

Katie was clearing out some of JG's books and I looked through them and totally took some of them -- Can You Teach Ethics?: Perspectives, Challenges, and Approaches at the Harvard Business School and three negotiation books.  (Hey, at least they'll be living at my desk for a while.)

Prof.B. came in about quarter of three, and we had a good meeting (he gave me first dibs over his RA -- sweet! -- though he went to chat with various faculty first, but two out of the three were out of the office for the day, so it didn't inconvenience me much), though we didn't get through quite everything as he got interrupted by an important phone call and we were close enough to done that we agreed that his RA could meet with him (she'd initially been scheduled for 2pm) when he was off the phone.  I left the meeting with quite a lot to do.  I have a list almost literally a page long of To Do for tomorrow.  (About half of which requires Prof.B. -- which items are marked with red B's.)  I felt like antheia.

I am "stupid excited" (TM antheia?) about heading up Recruiting.  During our meeting, I asked Prof.B. if there was any material he wanted me to prepare in advance of next week's committee meeting.  He asked if I was at the debrief meeting and I said yes, I took notes, and I suspected he would want them turned into a nice outline for their meeting.  He agreed and commented that this [being lead FA on Recruiting] would be a good opportunity for me to be proactive and take a leadership role.  (I could hear behind that his oft-mentioned concern that I'm not as proactive as I should be.)  I said that I'm actually really excited about doing Recruiting, in part because I'm a bit of a control freak :)  I told Katie about this when we walked to the Square together after work today, and she validated me on that -- and also agreed with my perception that [Recruiting] this year is gonna be so much better for a number of reasons.

Katie and MaryAlice are on vacation next week, and Laura's been going to the gym on her lunch hour (and then just eating at her desk after).  I foresee a lot of reading in my future.  Which is really fine by me.

On my way home, I realized I'm leading discussion on After Stonewall after CWM on Sunday.  I've watched the film and took notes, and last time we got quite a discussion going after not too long, and this film I think lends itself to discussion exponentially more than Before Stonewall, so I'm not too worried, but still.

I wanted to upload "but then again i noticed i wasn't the only one (holding on)" [aka, my non-bitter breakup mix] to muxtape, but of the 12 songs, only 5 successfully uploaded.  All the others it told me "Error: The file you uploaded either wasn’t an mp3 or the upload was interrupted. Try it one more time, if it fails again (but plays on your computer) Muxtape can’t handle it yet."  What up?

P.S. You can disable auto-transcription of your LJ voiceposts if you so desire.

Who's totally been avoiding the remains of her packing?  Yeah, that would be me.  And there's a violin recital at CHPC tomorrow at 8pm.  I think I really can't allow myself to go, though.

AIM delivers offline messages now?  (as Y! and gchat do)  Nice.

Okay, I should really just go to bed.
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