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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I also read "The Austere Academy" today.

I woke up fine this morning, which was good.  (Sidenote: My bedroom windows have blinds, which are better than nothing, though I prefer solid blinds.)

One of the suction cups on my shower caddy won't stay stuck to the shower wall :(  I do like that there's a clock in the shower, though.

I couldn't find where I packed my comb+round brush, so thankfully I really can do basically wash-and-wear.

I appear to have gotten sunburned from the outdoor service+potluck.  (I was thinking, "Service was only 10-11am," but the potluck was outside as well, and I stayed hanging out until about 1, plus there's all the walking around I did.)

I went home, and couldn't get the door unlocked and opted not to wake my housemate who was recovering from Blogathon.  I went to my old place and did some of the cleaning I didn't do on Saturday.  (To my surprise, the really heavy tv stand was gone.  Now on the curb were a chest of drawers and a toaster oven.)

I went to Blue Shirt Cafe in Davis and got a Granny & Jack sandwich (which I neglected to notice on the menu contains carmelized onions; sigh) and Nature's Bounty smoothie.

I then went to work to (among other things) buy a bottle of water and do Internet stuff including finalizing the travel for my Europe trip.  Except when I swiped my card I just got a red light.  When Eileen came to visit in March, I got us in to both Baker and Spangler with my swipe card.  What up?

I went to Boloco and got a Triathlete smoothie.  Last night when I was in Harvard Square, I saw Antonio -- the spray paint artist -- surrounded by a crowd of people.  He was there again this afternoon.  I hadn't seen him almost at all this season.  I watched him for a bit and then he saw me -- and remembered my name as usual, which always impresses me.  Apparently he's mostly just doing weekends now, largely because he's working for a shipping company in Harvard Square during the week.  I should have cut out a bit earlier so as to have time to go to Tags before CWM, but oh well.

I came home (after CWM+After Stonewall) and still couldn't get the door open.  (Housemate was up to let me in, though.)  Fooling around with the key in the lock while the door was open, I managed to get it to work fairly consistently, though I'm doubtful of my ability to replicate that.  (She says whenever people have come over to cat-sit they've been able to manage it fine.  Key-locks have never been my forte, though.)  Housemate says the problem is not a WD-40 problem, but I'm gonna pick some up from Tags after work on Monday anyway.

I got the info to connect to the wireless network, so I now have real steady Internet at home.

And I am fading now.  I'm behind on LJ+email and still have to finalize Europe planning and do more than the token unpacking I've done thus far -- and I anticipate a busy week at work.  Yeah, it's gonna be good times.

Someone I know recently is apparently in the hospital -- Laura Ruth said HRI.

Trelawney & co. are said to be fine.  She named her daughter "Endelyn" -- freaking Cornish names (rhymes with "Evelyn," Tallessyn said), though I like that it (so Tallessyn says) means "fire soul."
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