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I don't even know what to title this.

I went to bed at like 8:15 last night!  It was awesome.  And I didn't even notice my legs feeling tired as I walked to the T.  (I roughly timed my walk both to and from the T, and it was 25 minutes both times, which is weird to me since it's mostly uphill on the way home.)  And my elliptical time was actually like I'm what used to it being. 

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:30min
2mi @ ?? min
3mi @ 35:19 min
3.80 mi @ 45min


One of the productive things I did today was to start work on the NOM calendar that B wants me to put together -- and I had the bright idea to steal the calendar that Nicki made for NEG last year, since a flat Excel list was gonna be really inefficient.  I am so stoked that in 2009, Passover begins the day before Good Friday (Western Calendar -- Eastern Easter is the following weekend, and is followed by Patriots' Day).

Random bonus sidebar: My surname finally got spelled correctly in the lay reader section of the CHPC newsletter (I always noticed it was wrong and always felt weird actually asking the editor to correct it).

Also, I've started my period, so I should be not bleeding while I'm in Europe, which pleases me.

Oh, and I had lunch outside with Ranjan and after a half an hour my brother called and Ranjan headed to the Square to pick up some food and after I hung up I headed back to the office and saw Sara and Nithya and went over to tease Sara about wearing a jacket (as I suspected, it was because Baker was overly air-conditioned today) and I ended up having lunch with them and Mimi (who had waved to me the other day) and Ron and Leora.  I felt less awkward than I did the last time I had lunch with a whole clutch of them, which was good.


I'm getting used to the new del.icio.us -- which is now delicious.com! [sadface]  (I didn't even notice that until Fia mentioned it.) 

The boxy more-graphical-feeling interface smacks of "trendy" social networking websites (to me, anyway).

I like that it automatically hides tags -- just showing you the bundles -- but where are the unbundled tags?
    Also, when you go to edit bundles -- i.e., add tags to a bundle -- it kind of annoys me that after you click on one tag it automatically jumps you back up to text field showing, with the Save button below it.  Hi, maybe I am adding multiple tags -- and it jumps so that the text field showing all the tags included in this bundle and Save button are at the very top of the screen, so at first I didn't even realize what it was trying to jump me back to, since my focus was on the tag cloud.  [I actually keep track of which tags will be new as I'm putting together my recs updates, but when I'm only adding one tag to a bundle it's often just as easy to click in the cloud than to copy-paste or retype.]
    And it's not letting me edit my Author tag bundle.  I click on it (https://secure.delicious.com/settings/tags/bundle/edit?Edit&bundle=5.Author) and nothing happens -- though it lets me edit other bundles.  Possibly this is because I have 526 Author tags.  (I like that it tells me how many I have of each tag/bundle -- I could get tag counts before but only by pulling up the tag and looking at the bottom? of the page where it happened to mention how many entries in total had that tag.)
    I do like the option to show you a list of all your tags.  The "Top 10" tags is kind of peripherally amusing, 'cause you know I geek out about stats.
My Top 10 Tags

(in frequency order -- for regular tagging use I find Alphabetical most helpful and also use the Frequency sort when I'm statting for fun, but I kind of wish the Top 10 Tags auto-displayed in Frequency sort [which they appear to have renamed as "Count," even though it's still ?settagsort=freq] especially since my Bundles still display alphabetically even when the tags within them are sorted by frequency)

[Fandom] BtVS = 297
[Fandom] Firefly = 184
[ArchiveDate] 2005-02-01 = 171
[Keyword] f/f = 170
[Fandom] BtVS:Angel = 137
[Fandom] HarryPotter(series) = 124
[ArchiveDate] 2005-11-02 = 122
[ArchiveDate] 2007-04-01 = 85
[Character] RiverTam = 80
[Fandom] X-Men:all = 79
I also like that the tag list is smaller font, though I feel like the regular entries are in a bigger font and take up more space.  (As a minor matter, the demarcation of what date an entry was added seems to me highly extraneous information to make so prominent.)

The number of how many users have a particular link bookmarked is more prominent before, which I don't have strong feelings about either pro or con.

Neat: I pulled up a specific tag and then went to Rename Tag and it automatically brought me to rename that one (and yes did have the big dropdown list in case I hadn't wanted to rename a different tag).


I've seen people complaining about the new facebook, too, but in my brief usage of it today I didn't notice anything different.

I hooked up my external hard drive tonight, and I swear it's all plugged in correctly, but my computer isn't recognizing it.  How do I fix this?  (Yes I just stuck it in my bag of cords when we moved, but are these things really that fragile?  It's a Maxtor Personal Storage thingie.)


Allie came over tonight and brought a box of 6 Kickass Cupcakes.  I made us dinner (cheese+garlic tortellini from a package and frozen mixed vegetables) and then we had the cupcakes, with my housemate.  The frostings are tasty, but the cupcakes themselves seemed dry to me.  (Hi, I have high standards.)  One of the cupcakes was a "Lucky Cupcake" which comes with a fortune, and mine was, "If you are the Lizard King, you can do anything."  How perfect is that?

In conversation, Allie referred to my "reflexive researching," which is the exact right phrase.

She lounged on my bed and chatted fandom while I hung up clothes.  Most of my clothes ended up not actually moving from garbage bags to my closet but rather moving into different garbage bags -- a few definite Goodwill items, but mostly stuff I haven't worn in ages and should try on to see how well it actually fits and/or whether I still like the look of it on me; most of these are sweatshirts, which I rarely wear anyway.

When she was ready to go home, the next bus was in a half an hour so I walked her home.

I came home and washed dishes and did laundry (including remembering to clean the lint filter).

Landlady turns out to be the Jane (spelled "Jayne") whom I met my first night here.
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