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The Dark Knight (2008) [2008-08-02]

CAUMC folk were going to see a matinee at Somerville Theater, so I went. (Hi, $7 ticket.)

Allie and I spoke briefly earlier in the afternoon, and she said, "I never ever know what you're gonna like."

I was really unimpressed with the movie.

I had checked fandango, so I knew it was going to be 2hrs 32min, and it definitely felt it. Part of me appreciated the realism that you don't always win in your big blowout confrontation, but it just wasn't doing it for me.

I love moral grey, but Batman kept coming off as a dick to me, and the ending -- making Batman the "villain" didn't work for me.

The thing with the boats, as soon as the Joker started to explain it I thought, "It's like a reverse prisoner's dilemma!" And when people were nearly pressing the detonator I kept going, "No, no, don't do it, it'll blow up your own boat." I LOVED LOVED LOVED the big black convict throwing the detonator out the window.

Talk of what the people of Gotham "deserve" confuses me. In part because how is that ever the issue? The issue is what the people need (with the added possibility of dealing with when what they say/seem to want conflicts with what you think they need). But also, didn't the ferry boat thing prove that they can do good things on their own? I understand the power Dent had as an active force for good, an active White Knight, and I can see the value in protecting his legacy so that people can still believe in good guys, but I feel like the ferry boat incident undercut the urgency/necessity of having a White Knight people can believe in. And I really don't feel like making Batman a bad guy improves anything -- I mean, he's still gonna be dishing out vigilante justice, but now people are gonna think he's a straight-up bad guy rather than just an outlaw to be wary of? (I hated the scene of Gordon smashing the Bat Signal . . . and I think I was supposed to hate it, but still.)

I was also surprised that Two-Face was killed, because he's a big name villain. I grew up on the animated Batman, so as soon as I heard the name "Harvey" I thought "Harvey Dent!" and totally noticed stuff like the line about his pretty face and the thing about his coin flip leading to his first date with Rachel.

Other stuff:

The first time "Batman" shot a gun I thought, "That's not Batman" (because it's a Thing, like with Buffy), but I was hoping/expecting it to be a Robin rather than just amateur copycats. (And now that I say that after having talked about Batman being made into the villain, I guess one positive thing is that you won't have amateurs dressing up as Batman and getting themselves endangered.)

I did not like Christian Bale's affected Batman voice. I also prefer the sleek Batmobile from the animated series to this armored tank thing.

I was confused by Jim Gordon's wife being Barbara, because I remember his daughter Barbara Gordon.

Alfred was awesome.

I also approve of Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).

I was totally shocked that they killed Jim Gordon, and I was so pleased when that turned out to be a fake-out -- and I loved that his wife slapped him when he came back, and that he had done it to protect his family.

I loved the continuity of having the Italian mob guy limping and with a cane after the "From this height a fall won't kill me" scene.

I found it interesting that the Joker invented different origin stories to fit different situations. (And honestly? Because of the makeup, I hadn't registered that there were "scars" there at all, though eventually after paying attention to enough scenes I saw them.)

I liked that Gordon's right-hand detective was a woman of color, though making her a dirty copy undercut that.
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