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And another workweek is about to begin.

I woke up at 7 this morning (had set my alarm for 8am) and got up, figuring that was a decent amount of sleep since I'd gone to bed a little after 10pm (even considering the ~6hrs of sleep I'd gotten the night before).  I totally dozed off during 10am church.  I rested haphazardly in the afternoon, but never really fell asleep.  (I had low-grade cramps, plus it was mid-70s and moderately humid.)  Around 3:30 I got myself some juice and a toasted bagel with peanut butter in case I'd fucked up my blood sugar (I ate lots of brownies and stuff at Coffee Hour).  There was a brief rain burst around that time, which pleased me.

I was pretty much fine at evening church.  I wasn't really chatty, but everyone seemed kinda low-key tonight.  I'd been sort of aggressively social (in the sense that I was really actively pushing myself to be social a lot, which is like the opposite of my default mode) for a few weeks, and I think it's partly that there's only so long I can sustain that -- plus I am physically tired, which of course affects everything else.

It feels kind of surreal that I'll be leaving the country one week from tomorrow.  I mean, we only finalized the last of the important logistics a few days ago, but this has been in the works since at least December, so I've been telling people for ages that I'm going.  It occurred to me tonight that one reason I feel this disconnect is that the trip was my brother's idea from the beginning -- it was certainly a joint effort looking through guidebooks and deciding which cities to go to and listing stuff we particularly wanted to make sure we saw, but it doesn't feel like "my" trip the way last summer's UK tour did.

I'll be glad to no longer be living in in-between times, but I'm actually pretty content right now.  I'm decently settled into my new place, I'm starting to actually look forward to my Mediterranean trip, I feel reasonably on top of work stuff and am not worried about being away for two weeks, I'm not angsting about relationship stuff.

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