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settling back in

This morning, Ranjan said something about how it must be "surreal" to be back.  I kind of shrugged and said it felt totally normal to be back.

It took me literally an hour to catch up on (reading) my work email -- in part because Outlook took like 10+ minutes to load, and I would go to do Web stuff while it loaded but it was eating up so many resources that it was equally slow just trying to get webpages to come up.  And then I went to pull up B's calendar, and it had to load it all which took another million years.

At first it felt a little . . . not quite "overwhelming" but like I didn't know where to start.  I'm glad that I chose to come in so I could catch up and not walk in to that first thing on a Monday morning of a five-day workweek.  I was definitely not at 100% productivity/motivation, though.  I took a chunk of the afternoon to begin to catch up on LJ.  I got to about skip=120+ . . . . which got me to somewhere on Tuesday (of this week) I think.  Oy.  (Apparently skip=440 takes me back to when I left.  Which actually isn't as bad as I was fearing.)


I had so much breakfast!  I didn't eat at home 'cause I had used up all my perishables before I left and wasn't about to go grocery shopping at 9pm last night.  So after the gym I got a tomato&mushroom egg white omelet, and a banana.  And then I was still hungry so I had a pack of 4 peanut butter crackers.  And as I was halfway through the second package (at like 10am) I decided that really I should go get some more food, so I went and got a small bowl of oatmeal (with raisins and brown sugar).

And then I had Spangler pasta (mushroom ravioli).

My mom called me around quarter of five to say she'd had a doctor's appointment at Harvard Vanguard and did I want her to take me out to dinner (my brother was going out, so her going home to take my brother out for dinner didn't make sense).  We went to Namaskar in Davis Square.  We got Kabulai Naan, which was sweet naan I liked a lot (had never had before, but my mom wanted sweet naan) and we both got Paneer Dosai which was huge -- I had about 2/3 of mine and my mom had about 1/3 of hers and got it wrapped up to take home.  She missed her 7:35 train out of South Station by like 5 minutes, so I hung out with her until the 8:50 was boarding.  And I am still full from dinner.  *happy*


elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:47min
2mi @ 23:49min
3mi @ 36:16min
3.69mi @ 45min

I got to see the unveiling of the DNC podium on CNN's This American Morning.  Afterward, John Roberts said it sounded like something you'd hear on the bridge of Star Trek.  I was SO GLAD he said that, 'cause I had totally been thinking of that.  (Hi, brass sounds.  Which totally made me think of that TNG featurette my dad and I watched on one of the DVD sets.)

Two different channels right after each other showed an ad for "Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation" on Animal Planet.
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