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My life is actually more interesting than this -- but only slightly.

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:27min
2mi @ 23:24min
3mi @ 35:34min
3.79mi @ 45min

This morning I read transcripts (from the DNC website) of Hillary Clinton's speech last night, Brian Schweitzer's speech from last night, and Republican Jim Leach's speech from Monday.  Yeah, this is kind of my preferred way of doing it, 'cause I'm just not as good at focusing when I'm watching a speech than when I'm reading a text -- though yes I know that means I lose all the dynamics of a public speech (though I'd already seen lots of clips of Clinton's speech on CNN at the gym, so I could kind of extrapolate for that one).  I did watch the "move to vote my acclamation" clip tonight -- hi, Smith house meetings :)

mjules, I learned from ESPN this morning that Obama is a White Sox fan -- which shouldn't surprise me . . . Chicago South Side and all that, but it still made me think of you.
Tags: gym: tv, gymming it up, issues: u.s. presidential race: 2008

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