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"Have you tried NOT being a mutant?"

I need to invest in some Clorox wipes or something.  I did a little cleaning of kitchen counter tops and stuff, but I need like a dead sponge or something to really attack the grime -- and I wanna do stuff like clean the spots off the wall behind the stove.  (I also really wanna clean the fridge, but that's gonna require having somewhere to put everything currently in the fridge, plus the aforementioned cleaning materials.)

I forced myself to go through all the stuff in the dining room before I let myself read the comments on my dKos diary.  I'm trying to be ruthless in getting rid of stuff I can't actually see myself using/wearing.  I'm having moderate success.

I think I need to purchase some shelves to store food/containers on.  There just isn't enough storage space in the kitchen -- but there's plenty of open space in the dining room.  (We should put up the couch and table soon, but that'll still leave wall space for some shelves.)

Oh, speaking of housekeeping, I learned how to work the lock on my front door, but this past week it was being wicked sticky.  So Friday night I used some WD-40.  Like butter, as they say (although, having sliced open my finger trying to cut a frozen stick of butter, I have something of a double-consciousness around that analogy).

I was avoiding reading the comments on my dKos diary (60! by the time I clicked at 3pm) but went to see if JoeF. had any recent columns.  This was only a slightly better choice.  ["Barack’s words Palin-g to Mac’s actions" -- Saturday, August 30, 2008]  I emailed him and, thus fortified, went to read dKos.

I was so relieved to see the first comment to my tip jar (16! -- and 10 recs): "excellent and important diary -- There is much to criticize about her and about Sen McCain's choice of her, but so much of this misses the mark and is so over the top horrible, that I wonder whether Karl Rove has joined our party."  I had totally expected to get flamed, and certainly people argued that it's not the job of the dKos community to defend Palin and criticized the fact that my diary consisted of "Republican talking points" and right-wing blogs (fair cop, though srsly, Volokh?), but it was not as negative an experience as it could have been.

In the meantime, JoeF. replied to my email.  (I'd criticized his vague attack on the Obama campaign in his opening paragraphs -- specifically "Now, assuming he really meant what he said, the Democratic nominee can point Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, to an even greater source of inspiration in Sarah Palin, whom the Republican nominee actually trusted, rather than patronized.")  His reply: "Obama could have had a woman as his running mate and chose not to; McCain, having the same choice (with a lot less pressure on him), brought a woman aboard. Those are the simple facts; everything else is context, baggage, ideology and opinion, which, as we both know, is all that a columnist offers, making his conclusions no more valid than anyone else's, including yours, my beautiful, brilliant young friend."  I literally burst out in joyous hand-clapping laughter at that last bit.

Everyone should read jadelennox's smart, thoughtful post (and ensuing comments) on why sexist, ageist, etc. attacks are never okay.

I haven't been as productive this weekend as I had hoped (though I still have tomorrow), but I've engaged in discussions with multiple people and I think I've done a good job with presenting my arguments and I also haven't gotten so emotionally invested in the discussions that I work myself into a wreck.  I was thinking this afternoon that I really love this level of engagement.  It's a delicate balance, 'cause I can so easily overload on trying to maximize information and commentary on any given issue, plus I rage at the stupid.

Edit: I was catching up on InstaPundit, and it's almost like whiplash seeing how each side perceives the other (e.g., HankNYNY on dKos [and ensuing comments] -- Ed Driscoll).
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