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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[Palin] not about pregnancy

We were talking about Sarah Palin at lunch, and MaryAlice said neither Democratic Underground nor the political threads on the Yes fans website she frequents had anything that she saw about the "grandchild" thing over the weekend. This comforted me. (Yeah, Daily Kos is its own special special entity.)

In the interest of contributing substance to the Internet discussion: on the vetting

On Troopergate, one of my friends said:
Here's an article written before the Palin VP thing took off. You can see what kind of guy this trooper is. Once this becomes better known, people are going to be very sympathetic towards Palin. I mean, the trooper is clearly unhinged and the fact that he hasn't been fired is a direct indication of corruption and cronyism by the exact people accusing Palin.

One thing that this article doesn't say (that I read elsewhere) is that the "investigation" was ordered by the Republican-controlled legislature, the average member of which HATES Palin for being so maverick. I mean, read the article -- it's clear where the problem is -- with the trooper, the union and the boss calling sour grapes.
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