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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I don't know where to start for good fanfic, but thanks to my dad i know a lot of good blogs.

from a reader symposium on straight males' loathing of gay males...

one reader:
Personally I appreciate a gay man finding me attractive more than a woman. I only date the women, but let's face it, gay men have much higher standards when it comes to a man's looks. So I know I'm really looking good if I can catch a gay man's eye.

another reader:
In any case, when a gay man finds them [homophobic straight males] attractive, it says to them: "You're doing it wrong." What oh what is it that he's doing that signalled the fag? What could he have done that was so queer-looking? Couple the perceived repudiation of his heterosexyness with the natural discomfort that accompanies unwanted attention/attaction from anyone, and you have fightin' words.

I've had a couple of gay guys look my way, and I had no problem with it. I felt basically the same way that I have about certain females who had a one-sided interest in me. In other words, Thanks but No Thanks. But that's just me. I'm well educated, introspective, and slow to anger.

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