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[RNC] liveblogging

I have the RNC on in the background via C-SPAN.  I totally should have done this for the DNC; it's so easy.  (Though it does stop to buffer a lot, which is annoying.)

Thus far:

Dr. Elena Rios of the National Hispanic Medical Association talked about "universal health care that's affordable for everyone."  Are you sure I'm not listening to the DNC?

Ruth Lopez Novodor -- a Republican who supported Hillary Clinton because the glass ceiling needs to be broken, but realized that this election needs to be about "choosing proven leaders."  Also, stuff about supporting small business.  And "change."

Christy Swanson (another person of color) - a Democrat (who used to support Obama)  More about small business.  Her business processes fry oil and uses the waste(?) to make biodisel fuel.

Michael Williams (African-American) - I missed most of this, but I did hear him say, "And protect God's creation."  (Shots of the audience include a sign saying "Real Energy Independence" and a person with a hat saying "clean coal.")

Luis Fortuno, delegate from Puerto Rico

How many of the minor speakers at the DNC were people of color?  I'm not saying this is necessarily representative of the Republican party as a whole, but it makes a good narrative for them.

Meg Whitman.  McCain and Palin are "The REAL agents of change in this campaign."  Also "energy independence."  Tax incentives for health care.  Simplify our "mind-numbing" tax code.

Okay, I'm grabbing some food now.


9:15pm ET    Fmr. Gov. Mitt Romney
10:05pm ET    Fmr. Mayor Rudy Giuliani
10:35pm ET    VP Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin
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