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blog-hopping (also known as spamming LJ when i have nothing to do at work)

from InstaPundit:
WATCH OUT, CORNERITES -- Reason's new group blog, Hit and Run, is up and running. Learn why David Geffen is a loser, why Kurt Vonnegut is an idiot, and why H.L. Mencken was a libertarian, among many other things.

posted at 05:22 AM by Glenn Reynolds

The KV entry wasn't as good as i'd expected, though not bad, and the comments are interesting.

In looking for it, though, i found this:
Scooby-Doo: View Two

Jacob, I hate to disagree with your review of the live-action Scooby-Doo, especially since, while I've seen the movie, I haven't listened to it. (I was on an airplane, and I didn't feel like shelling out for the earphones.) I saw enough, though, to discern that the film apparently takes place in some alternate Scoobyverse where Fred is a moron and Velma is better-looking than Daphne.

This may, of course, be an improvement.

Posted by Jesse Walker at 01:25 PM

I still have no desire to see the live-action Scooby Doo movie, but word, Velma was always the coolest. [And in pulling it up on IMDB, i saw that a sequel is due out in 2 years. Ew. And who knew?]

And Volokh has lots of stuff on a recent 9th Circuit ruling on the 2nd Amendment. Because really, it is all about the guns.

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