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talk amongst yourselves -- I'm gonna go wash dishes

I did my full weight room workout in ~25min.

It occurred to me that it was the day after Labor Day last year (Sept. 4, so calendar anniversary tomorrow) that I started going to the gym every single workday morning.  Of all the days I've been at work since then, I've only missed the gym twice.


Global Vegetarian at the Grille today was Greece, so I got spanikopita and orzo salad w/ navy beans and feta.  I am so glad to have food options again.  And somehow I had failed to notice (or had forgotten?) that the Grille offers grilled cheese as an option.  Not substantive enough for a real lunch, of course, but still.


Things I have learned tonight:

1. Streaming C-SPAN totally slows down my computer.

2. The dKos community is basically useless for liveblogging the RNC.  They totally have their narrative set already and nothing that actually happens is going to change that.  (Which was equally true of the DNC liveblog, but those I was skimming after the fact, whereas here I'm watching in real time and sometimes thinking, "Gee, that's an interesting point," but the live threads were so high traffic you could barely get a word in edgewise and everyone just wanted to slam the Republicans on everything, so I didn't even bother.)

2a. What the dKos "Front Page" is -- no thanks to the actual dKos community.
Someone posted a diary to act as a liveblog and at one point someone posted a comment saying there was a live thread on the "front" page.  I replied asking for a link, explaining I didn't understand what this "front page" was as different from the main Diary page.  Said person later actually rec'd my comment but didn't actually reply.  I found the "official" live thread/s by stalking the person's comment aggregate page, but still.  (It later occurred to me that there's a dKospedia for this purpose.  And okay, it's just dailykos.com -- as opposed to dailykos.com/Diary -- which is intuitive, but still.

2b/3. Okay, I had no time for a gazillion comments on the dKos liveblog threads of "noun, verb, 9/11" during Giuliani, but Giuliani (and the audience) LAUGHING at Obama having been a community organizer.  srsly?  And "Drill, baby, drill"?  This is why people don't like you, Republicans.

Okay, that is not so much something I "learned" as a rant.  Let's return this to "liveblogging."

Am I supposed to be supporting an "undivided Jerusalem"?  Clearly I'm not up on my Israel-Palestine politics.

Okay, Gov. Palin, your VP acceptance speech is not supposed to be all about your family.  Srsly.  This has been what, 10 minutes?  Roll call's scheduled for 20 minutes from now...  [11pm -- though of course if the DNC is any indication, the big name speakers go overtime.]

Okay, the little girl holding baby Trig and stroking his hair is adorable.

What is up with audiences chanting or booing or whatever so much that the speaker can't keep talking?

And like 10 minutes later we finally get consistently substantive remarks (plus a few nice soundbites -- most of which I'd heard before).

Government is too big, and the Democrats want to grow it.  This from the party that brought us the Patriot Act?  (I am of course always pointing out that both parties these days want big government, they just want big government for different things.)  The Democratic candidate wants to raise taxes and take more of your money.  And my instinctual reaction is, "To pay for increased social services."  I am nothing if not an equal opportunity contrarian -- and this isn't even being contrary, it's just wanting to point out the other side, as I always do.  Way to go RNC, your keynote speaker makes me wanna identify as a liberal (a Democrat, even).
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