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[T:TSCC] 2.01 "Samson and Delilah" [2008-09-08]

"Termination Override."  Okay, so that's why we got that big speech from Shirley Manson at the beginning about crossing against the light and all.  (And of course Cameron tells Sarah not to let John bring her back again if she goes bad again.  And of course Sarah knows he's long past her having that kind of influence with him.  And he got rid of his emo hair!  I forgot it was his [16th, tv.com reminds me] birthday until she mentioned it.)

"Babylon.  It's from the Bible."  I love the recurrent Bible allusions!  (And Shirley Manson's a liquid Terminator!  Or whatever it is that they're called.  I've never seen any of the movies, so I only have a vague understanding.)

And Cameron's "Do you believe in the Resurrection?"

I forgot about the opening song until I went to look up the episode title, but I really liked it at the time and want lyrics.

In other topics, Sarah's insistence on talking about what happened, and her reiterating how proud she is of John, and her oblique conversation with Brian Austin Green . . . John killed Sarkissian, right?  (Brian Austin Green said something near the end of last season about realizing that this John hadn't killed anyone yet.)  But I feel like what really haunts John is what happened with Cameron.  In large part because it's such a personal failing -- he knows future him basically created her, and so he has to be able to fix her

Oh, and I love Cameron's fingerless gloves.  And her staple-gunning her face.

Edit: I meant to mention that when A.I. guy said, "So what does Babylon do besides..." I wanted him to say something like "kidnap all the Jews from their homeland," but that's probably a little dodgy for primetime network tv (and of course A.I. guy's just not that savvy). But I was thinking, about the Babylonian Exile, and how the future is like an exile for the humans -- "How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land?" and all that (reference to the scary music room totally unintentional).

And for all that I love the Biblicalness, musesfool and soundingsea (the only flisters who have posted thus far) totally are more aware of the Samson and Delilah theme than I was, with the latter smartly articulating:
So, John is Samson. But when he cuts his hair, he's cutting away childhood. He's claiming his strength, not losing it. Hopefully that means we're going with a similarly inverted meaning of Delilah: instead of betraying his love, Cameron definitely should prove herself worthy of his trust.
(Sea also says, "And why am I thinking that John's going to carry The Right Screwdriver for the rest of forever?")
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