Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Now there is this uncomfortable anxious ball in my gut.

This woman called. I've taken her call once before, and according to her she has called 4 times before. She wanted to talk to someone besides Margi because Margi hasn't returned her calls. I said she could speak to Martha (they work in the same department). Martha was walking by and thought i was talking to a different person whom she was expecting a call from. She said Margi was at her desk. Margi said she wouldn't take the call because she was very busy but would i take the woman's name and number and she would call her back tomorrow. So then i continued to deal with the woman for about 5 minutes. I should have said Margi was "unavailable" rather than "busy," but whatcanyado. Afterward i saw Margi and she said the woman is just very difficult and won't take no for an answer (not sure how this squares with the woman's assertion that Margi hasn't returned her calls). She apparently wants to bring a group of 30 for a guided tour the weekend we reopen (i didn't catch the "guided" part when i was talking to the woman). Sigh. I did my best to deal with the woman, who was "dubious" that Margi would return her call. She asked if there was anyone else she could speak to besides Margi or Martha and i said i honestly didn't know as i had only started to work here a few months ago. I did as good a job of appeasement as i could. The woman seemed appreciative of the fact that i at least took her call and spoke with her. She asked for my name, which i gave, saying i was a student assistant here. I know i did the best i could but stuff like this where there's really nothing i can do but there's still this desire/expectation on the part of the caller for me to somehow deal with it and fix it just throw me and stress me.

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