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'in a faucet left dripping'

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:37min
2mi @ 23:22min
3mi @ 35:14min
3.81mi @ 45min


I've had a headache since like halfway through lunch. (I took ibuprofen at like 2pm and 4pm; I suspect the primary culprit is lack of sufficient sleep, though I couldn't say why it set in at an apparently random time.) I was gonna run some errands after work today (plus finish some political-blogging), but I'm thinking I'm just gonna go home and go to bed.

I was double-booked for tomorrow -- Out at Plimoth Plantation vs. BBQ at CHPC Mary R.'s place in Melrose -- but I was already thinking of staying in town (doing assorted errands and housekeeping, plus reading the first 2 chapters of my econ text -- extension school classes start next week!).
Tags: gymming it up

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