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Rest and Bread ("Inspiration") [2008-09-17]

The Psalm was 139 -- only we stopped after the third stanza (read v. 1-18), so we didn't do the "O that you would kill the wicked, O God" :)

The Sacred Text was a Rumi poem -- "God picks up the reed flute world and blows"

Keith did the Reflection.  He said the listed Theme was "Imagination," but he hadn't realized that until he'd already written a reflection on "Inspiration" :)

He talked about a shift in perspective -- not rules, but "how to be my note."
And he talked about prayer as a way to grow in tune with God -- which common phrase has a nice resonance in the context of this metaphor.  [I was reminded of Layna recently saying, "I think that it's more like a lighting difference. Without God, I'm bathed in this icky greenish flickering fluorescent light. With God, it's a happy sunshiny full-spectrum. But the substance of myself remains the same. God just allows me to SEE myself differently."]


In the Announcements, Laura Ruth said that next week they're going to have both grape juice and wine -- though they're still figuring out the logistics of that.
    I asked Keith about this afterward.  I've been to at least one service that had both wine and juice as an option (I forget where, though) but I feel like generally the move (at least within Protestant churches) is removing wine rather than adding it -- though this is partly because I hang out with Methodists who very purposely use juice rather than wine due to sensitivity around alcoholism and historical involvement with the Temperance movement (Keith pointed out that Temperance/Prohibition isn't exactly something we should necessarily be honoring/celebrating, which is a fair point -- and certainly I've at times brought up stuff like Prohibition when arguing against stuff like the War on Drugs).
    Anyway, he talked about how lots of congregants grew up Catholic (something I always forget), and how it's something more out of the ordinary and thus more "sacred"-feeling -- and has a "kick" :)  Also, he hates Concord Grape Juice, says he always tries to get cranberry or something when he's the one purchasing the elements.  (He had bad experiences with juice boxes as a kid.)  I said I just have a jarring feeling whenever I drink grape juice -- not that it feels sacreligious, but it's just something that I basically only ever do at church.

Edit: Oh, and he also said wine is more authentic, and I half-joked, "So are we gonna use matzah, too? Though that depends on which account you use, whether the Last Supper was after the Passover or not."
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