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"Lady Madonna, children at your feet. Wonder how you manage to make ends meet."

Allegra very nicely brought me down some of everything because she didn't know what i wanted. They had nice snowflake-patterned paper plates and cups. When she gave me my food she said "All they had was seltzer water. I think they all wanna get really drunk. There is so much alcohol up there." Getting drunk with your coworkers at 4pm on a Monday, in somebody's upstairs office, seems very strange to me, but whatever. Then after work i came home and hung out with our RC in her suite until dinner, which i hadn't realized was Mexican night. Yay for corn and rice (seriously -- lunch today was french fries and cucumbers).

Remaining tonight i have a last meeting with my Soc group at 7:30, finishing up figuring out my part of my poetry presentation, and finally actually doing my Linguistics assignment. Then after dinner tomorrow i can start freaking out about the two 5-page papers due Friday i haven't started. [edit: except that i'm going to hear James Tate read at Stoddard at 7:30. good thing i write all this stuff down 'cause i'd never remember anything otherwise.]

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