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[T:TSCC] 2.03 "The Mousetrap" [2008-09-22]

Thanks to coffeeandink and oyceter, I'm attuned to how gender roles get played out in this show.  Charlie (white male) is helpless and turns to Sarah (female) because she's the only person who can help him.  (Personally, my first call would have been to Agent Ellison to get an APB out on my truck.)  And she goes, because that's what heroes do.  (I say that not as, "Yes of course narrative constraints insist that she do so," but rather, "This is who she is.")  While Derek's the one who says, "She won't tell you this, but..." she says stuff like, "I thought it'd be easier.  I thought you'd be dead."  Ir's not that she's lacking emotion (like a Terminator), though.  She's living in a war -- always having to leave people (not to mention the people who die on her), plus the sheer pragmatism.

I really liked John putting his hand on Charlie comforting him outside the hospital.  In large part because I love nonsexual touch as comfort, and I especially love seeing it between males, since they're socialized to be much less comfortable with that than women (and Charlie curling into him, hugging him, reminded me of how Charlie thought of John as like a son to him).

"We walk by faith and not by sight."
And indeed we (they) do.  Realizing only after the fact or in the midst of things what the bigger plan was.  Sometimes acting on instinct and/or compassion rather than pragmatism, for better or for worse.

And we cut to the Connors bowing their heads before meal.  Huh.  I can't actually recall if Sarah's made any statements about her faith or lack thereof, but I just assumed she was an atheist.

I'm also really intrigued by the early scene with the bird.  It foreshadows Sarah's going to help Charlie and Michelle.  And dude, Cameron sounds almost hopeful when she says, "Maybe later?"  (Sarah: "Maybe never.")

I still have no use for Riley (and am sad that we killed off Michelle).  Though the bit with the magazines was cute -- "Some of us are Popular Mechanics."  "Yarn Collector."  "Cat Fancy."  But srsly John, Cameron's just insisting on keeping an eye on you, you don't need to actually run away from her; though yes, you're a smothered feeling adolescent and your drama gets played out in epic fashion because you are The Savior of Humanity -- see also, Buffy.  (Having visited my brother, when they were talking about the promenade and the pier, and there was the shot of the ferris wheel, I was wondering if it was Santa Monica.)

There were some awesome lines.  Cameron, on what the sinking house had to do with protecting John Connor: "It doesn't.  But we'll have to repaint next year."  And Cameron again, responding to John's insistence that he has the right to do whatever people like him do: "There are no people like you."

What did Michelle say after she said she would walk?  I said, "Way to bad-ass it, Michelle," so I didn't hear her next line.
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