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"In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength."

Stupid night owl friends.  I went to bed so past my bedtime last night.  And only got halfway through my RED reading.  (The rest of which I finished at work -- by lunchtime, no less.  Woot!)  I actually got up with my alarm, which I have not managed in ages.  Go me!

I did <35 min in the gym -- and consciously did slow, controlled movements, which was good.

RED class had a section discussion afterward which lasted until 10:15 (class is 7:45-9:35).  It was better in some ways than the bigger class discussion, but still not all that satisfying.  I'm definitely learning stuff from the discussions, and not just from the prof and the TA, and I'm definitely glad I'm taking the class (and it could so easily be exponentially worse), and I think part of the purpose of the class is to make us better at having these discussions.  There will be a post, but hi, sleep.


Rest and Bread ("Rest")

The Psalm was 55:1-9.
The Sacred Text was from Isaiah (chapter 30, v.15-18? ... included rest and horses).
In her Reflection, Laura Ruth read from the Isaiah aloud again and commented that, "our busyness chases after us."
She read the Sabbath commandment from the 10 Commandments.  She read the one that talks about how God rested on the seventh day.  When I talked to her afterward, I said that Tiffany's been talking about Sabbath, and that she had talked about how there are the two version of the Ten Commandments -- the one Laura Ruth read and the one that says they should honor the Sabbath because they used to be slaves, and slaves don't get a day off, but they are free now ... and how I find that so powerful -- WE ARE A LIBERATED PEOPLE.
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