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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

HIMYM 4.01 "Do I Know You?" [watched on cbs.com: 2008-09-28]

Robin: "I'm the boogieman with a teleprompter."

Barney: "It's everything you're afraid to let yourself want -- in a joke."

I like that while Marshall made Ted edgy about how little he knows about Stella, what actual prompts his interrogation is a legitimate "I do not know enough about you."  Yes it's neurotic to follow up an anaphylactic shock incident with "First kiss?," but it's the sort of neurotic Ted totally does, and I like it a lot better than, "A third party made me crazy, but I'm gonna pretend everything's fine, alternating with an interrogation."

Lily (to Barney, re: Robin): "And I'm not gonna pretend I haven't noticed her body -- but this is off-topic."

Barney: "[...] who sounded alarmingly like Ted."
Lily: "Hey, Ted hit that for over a year."
Barney: "Wish me luck."

offbalance commented, "I think that Barney will be better off when he stops listening to Lily's definitions of what his relationship with Robin should be. He loves her, he wants to be with her, but not in the framework of a standard relationship. Both he and Robin want to be together, but free at the same time - Robin wants to not be trapped behind a picket fence, and Barney will always have a taste for bimbos. That doesn't mean that they can't be happy together on their own terms. I love that the show is potentially exploring this."
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