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I did <30min in the right room this morning.

I have a ridiculous amount of piles on my desk at work and finally did some purging this morning, which improved things.  (I know my scatterbrained-ness is due in part to my physical disorganization.)

Things accomplished this morning included calling TSS about the fact that my right-click no longer worked.  MikeS showed up at like 3:30 with a new mouse -- and demonstrated that I could in fact use right-click, but I shouldn't have to work at it, so I still got my replacement mouse 'cause they're wicked cheap.

The Oct/Nov 2008 issue of Scientific American Mind has convinced me I need to purchase a subscription.  I wanna read basically the whole issue (and it's pretty much always looked interesting when it arrives in B's mail).


I emailed Tiffany Sunday night raising some issues I had with her sermon, and she said (in part), "I appreciate your sharing of your own theology and faith and pushing back when I get too loosey-goosey with the text!! I relly love the conversations we have....even when we differ in opinion. I like that type of diversity!!"

I also told her about how I didn't entirely agree with what Chelsea had said about the inclusive nature of this church, and she said, "I was wondering if you would be willing to give one of the 5 minute testimonies at church on October 12th. We need to hear your story."  I've declined the previous times she's asked me, for a variety of reasons, but I think this time I actually will.


I gchatted Amy this morning about Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur and we got to talking about friendships and stuff.  Yay for talking to people!

I finally introduced myself to Andy's RA, Kate.  Amusingly, she actually chose between Smith and Cornell for her undergrad (Cornell won because it had the perfect major for her -- some interdisciplinary Bio/Psych/Anthro thing on family development).  She asked me if I was planning on graduate school, and I said probably not and talked about different options I had/was considering, and talked about how Nicole(and others) thought I should clearly go to divinity school and matter-of-factly explained how I'm affiliated with four different churches, and she said, "Yeah, you clearly should go to divinity school."  Heh.  I talked about how I think some sort of mediation thing might be my future.


I did my econ reading over dinner at Mr. Crepe, and was tremendously bored in class.  I spaced out after five minutes and woke up 40 minutes later to a student asking about the gender wage gap -- which discussion I was unimpressed by.  I was awake for the remainder of the class -- though still bored.  Inelastic goods are: necessities, addictions, items for which there are no substitutes.  Moral: Don't fall in love.  [facepalm]

There was interesting stuff in the reading about minimum wage and stuff, but I think I'm gonna go wash dishes and post about that some other time.
Tags: blessed are the peacemakers, gymming it up, harvard: ext.: course: intro econ, imaginary div school plan

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