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VP debate

I got home from CAUMC group about 9:50pm Eastern.  I pulled up CNN.com to catch the remainder of the VP debates. 
updated 58 secs ago
Biden, Palin agree on same-sex marriage
During the first and only vice presidential debate, Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin came out swinging, citing differences over economic issues and energy policy. But they agreed on one thing -- opposition to same-sex marriage. developing story
This did not fill me with joy.

I didn't realize that real people actually said, "They hate America" in seriousness.
And her list of reasons they hate us includes "our respect for women's rights."

Palin frequently emphasized how great it was that she and Biden were in agreement on such and such an issue.  Interesting tack.

Wow, she crammed "Washington outsider" and "straight talk" and "for it before I was against it" all into like one sentence.

Pointing out how Biden and Obama differed, nicely done.  "I watched those debates."

"We're a team of mavericks; of course we're going to disagree on some things."  Well played -- though "maverick" was a word used far too much.

I haven't seen the Gibson or Couric interviews (shame, I know), so I didn't really have expectations for her, low or high.  I think she's come off as solid.  A little bit too saccharine folksy, but it feels almost genuine -- annoying, but like it's really her.

Wasn't the "Achilles heel" question "What is your Achilles heel?" not "How do you respond to what people say you Achilles heel is?"  They both veered so far away from the question

Palin on McCain: "He is the man we need to leave -- lead."  The lefty blogosphere is gonna have a lot of fun with that slip, aren't they?
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