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I meant to post this earlier.

Over lunch yesterday, MaryAlice mentioned Sarah Palin's inability to name a Supreme Court case other than "Roe v. Wade" (Katie Couric interview).  I haven't seen any of the Couric interview -- I've been kind of busy, and while I have downtime at work, playing video is weird (especially since I don't currently have speakers, so I have to use headphones).

Last night I saw thelastgoodname's post where she modified a meme to say, "if you think you know something about US History and Politics, post info about ONE Supreme Court decision, modern or historic, that you disagree with," pointing out that that's what Palin was actually asked.

Honestly, asked to name any Supreme Court case off the top of my head, I would pretty much blank.  I can think of "Brown vs. Board of Education" and "Engel v. Vitale," and that's about it.

I think partly it's compartmentalized somehow.  I mean, I've referenced "Heller" in casual conversation, but it didn't occur to me when trying to name SCOTUS cases off the top of my head.  (I read another case around the same time as "Heller" and I am completely blanking on it.  *pokes around LJ*  Oh yeah, the habeas corpus one -- "Boumediene v. Bush.")

On friendsfriends today, I saw another post.  This post also cited liz_marcs' post where she mentions that, as a commenter on the ontd_political post pointed out (and here I'm quoting liz_marcs), "the Supreme Court handed down Exxon v Baker, which screwed over the state of Alaska...and Palin even issued a press release about it."


In blogsurfing... Privacy and Abortion Posted by Kevin Drum on 10/02/08 at 12:39 PM.  Commenters counterargue on a variety of points.
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