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Heroes 3.01 "The Second Coming" [watched on nbc.com: 2008-10-04]

Original Airdate: 09/22/08
Available Until: 10/21/08

4-years-in-the-future-Claire is all badass.

future!Peter is the one who shot Nathan.

Nathan comes back from the dead.

Mohinder put Molly on a plane? To New Orleans, I hope.

Mohinder realizes that the key to the powers is in the adrenal gland, not the blood.

Hiro: "I don't want to be a sentinel. I want to be a hero."
     Which I get, but am still kinda eyerolling at.

future!Peter to Matt: "Now that you know, you can't be here."

Nathan: "I saw God today. [...] We're all connected."
     His conversion feels weird to me.

Maya to Mohinder: "GIVE powers?"
     Srsly, how is he so oblivious/unfeeling toward the fact that she really wants him to cure her and really couldn't care less about his scientific studies otherwise.

He strokes her arm, which I find kind of creepy -- though it's partly 'cause it feels like a pastede on hetting up (and hooking up the brown people -- which is not inherently a bad thing, I was just struck by how they're like the only brown people in the entire episode).

Sylar's attack on Claire is reminiscent of rape.

Sylar to Claire: "You are not like the others. You're special. I couldn't kill you even if I wanted to. You can never die. And now, I guess, neither can I."
     When he was saying "You're not like the others; you're special," I was wondering if she was gonna be the savior from Kaito's DVD message. I love Claire, and I love Buffy, but it would be nice to not have the savior of the world be a blonde cheerleader.

Didn't DL kill Linderman?

Tracy = Ali Larter (aka, Niki/Jessica)
[The guy looks familiar, but I don't actually know him from anything.]

Matt's in the desert!? I guess that's less heartless than my initial assumption that Peter had sent him to the apocafuture. (Sidebar: futuer!Peter is so much harsher than)

Hiro to Ando: "I'll go to the future, to see for myself if the world gets destroyed. I need to see how, so I can stop it."
     Again, I am kind of eyerolling/facepalming.

In the future, Hiro sees: Hiro and Ando fighting, over the formula, and accusations of betrayal. And then there's an explosion or an earthquake or a shockwave or something -- all the eletricity starts to go out, and there's a "thundrous rumbling," and it looks like the ground starts to curve like something's moving underneath it.

Angela to future!Peter: "What have you done with Peter?" [Interesting that she treats future!Peter as if he's someone wholly different, saying "Peter" rather than "this timeline's Peter" or something similar -- or even "my Peter."]

Angela to future!Peter: "Who do you think you inherited your first ability from? Your dreams. I dreamed you'd come."

Angela to future!Peter: "The only future I've ever seen is the one caused by you."

Angela to future!Peter: "It doesn't matter, because by sooting him you screwed up everything. Something different happens now, and it's all because of you. Now why don't you go back where you came from."

Two images of the fire slicing (kind of like dragon) across earth -- painted on a rock in the desert where Matt is, and painted on a wall in NYC where Mohinder is. It's reminiscent of the Symbol from the past couple seasons. [The HeroesWiki describes it as "the world cracking in half." Nice.]
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