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Heroes 3.03 "One of Us, One of Them" [watched on nbc.com: 2008-10-04]

Original Airdate: 09/29/08
Available Until: 11/04/08

Angela to Sylar: "I should never have given you up for adoption. But now I'm going to take good care of you. Just like a good mother. Because you're right. you're very special. And you need to be strong for what's to come. Bridget, would you join us please?"
Sylar: "What's she gonna do to me?"
Angela: "Feed you."

Aw man, Bridget had an awesome power (though it's one of the ones that borders on magic rather than anything that it seems possible a genetic mutation can give you).

Noah to Angela: "I'm not here to re-enlist. I'm her to make sure these psychopaths get put back in their cages, where they belong, and then I return to my family."

Noah: "I'll need my old partner."
Angela: "Unfortunately, the Haitian is unavailable. He's on a pick-up assignment for me." [me: Molly? -- though later we see what The Haitian's assignment actually was]

Sylar just needs some "structure"? Angela's creepy and making me uncomfortable with her whole MamaSylar thing (and I'm undecided as to how in character I think it is) but is she really so blind when it comes to Sylar or does she have a more complex plan she's just not letting on about?

Spirit Walking African Man is this season's Isaac? [I was actually kind of bummed when it turned out that he literally had the exact same power. I kind of liked the idea of people having what we would read as "powers" from other means -- like Spirit Walks. Plus, Mohinder's all "unique chemistry" when talking to Maya -- which we've already seen is moderately inaccurate given inherited powers, e.g. Matt and his dad, but that at least doesn't undermine Mohinder's statement as much since it's direct genetic transmission.]

Angela on Sylar's power: "a hunger you cannot control"

Knox to Jesse!Peter: "Now I know you're full of it. Nobody's that heroic."

Niki died? I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised, but still. And now Micah's totally an orphan, which sucks. I mean, he's got his grandma and his cousins, but that's hardly the same thing.

Micah: "Mom? You're not my mother."
     Aww, I love Micah.

Micah!!! Don't you know better than to tell strangers about your power? Though, okay, for now at least he's just providing Tracy with a modicum of information on her own personal self, but you know she must be thinking of how she can use him as a political tool (manipulating votes, hacking email, etc.).

So they're twins separated at birth. And of course we expect Dr. Zimmerman works for the Company/Linderman.

Sylar to Noah: "You told me to stay put. [...] "You told me that to make sure I wouldn't, didn't you?"
Noah: [smiles]
     I kept thinking Noah was being so stupid in so antagonizing Sylar, so I was comforted to learn that he was not in fact stupid.

I'm still uncomfortable with the tension between Claire's repeated canonical statements that she feels the pain (something she said even before this season) and her also repeated "I walked through fire and didn't get burned." The latter is a powerful, poetic, evocative statement ... and I guess I can give her a pass considering that she wasn't in the fire very long (she's clearly referring to that early S1 incident, rather than the time her house got destroyed) ... but still.

Meredith to Claire (explaining "waterboarding"): "It's a form of torture. You're not drowning, but your mind tells your body that you are."

Meredith to Claire: "You've gotta learn to save yourself before you can save the world."
     Part of me really resonates with the idea that you have to get your own shit dealt with before you're in any condition to help others (though I also think that you will never perfect yourself, so you also shouldn't wholly use that as an excuse for not putting yourself out there). And part of me sympathizes with the idea that by refusing to process the attack really at all, Claire is not acting in an emotionally healthy way -- and Meredith's recreating the situation is in a way really brilliant. I think my biggest problem is the idea that Claire's desire to help people is somehow not her "real" motivation.

Zimmerman to Tracy: "Know you? I created you."
     Which reminded me of Linderman saying/implying something about having "created" Niki+DL+Micah.

Noah to The Haitian re: Sylar: "Just until I find his weakness. And then I'm gonna kill him."

Oh, and the now-inaccurate painting of Matt with a woman and baby reminds me that I can't remember what happened with Janet. And also gives me a fleeting thought of wondering if the blonde woman was Daphne -- though I feel like that would make no sense.
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