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[T:TSCC] 2.05 "Goodbye to All That" [2008-10-06]

ohgod i love this show.

Derek: "How many coincidences named 'Sarah Connor' died before SkyNet zeroed in on you?"

John remembers the basement and insists on being a part of the rescue mission -- there's an implication that he feels he's earned it, due to his smarts and research, and pragmatically he points out that it's a boys' school.

Sarah (re: John): "He's not a soldier."
Derek: "Not yet."

Sarah rescues the little boy, and Cameron deadpan truthfully answers his questions (his mother's whereabouts are unknown; the man is a cyborg who wants to kill him).

Marty: "What happens when you go to sleep?"
Sarah: "She happens."
[Cameron walks in, lock and load] I love that shot so much
[kid gulps]

He wants to call his mom and Cameron picks him up and tells him exactly what will happen if he calls his mom ("...he'll kill her.  And he'll kill you.") and Sarah chastises her and Cameron asks, "Would you like a bedtime story?"  And I think it was after that that Cameron puts the tv on to the footage of his parents pleading for his release because he wanted to see his mom.  And later she tells Sarah that Marty likes his sandwiches with the crusts cut off.  I love how she's more human than Sarah sometimes -- I mean, she's practically programmed to observe.  And he's freaking out about his book report -- which, way to fixate on a single "normal" thing to keep yourself from completely falling apart -- and Cameron's the one who picks out the Oz book ("It was John's favorite." / "Who's John?").

Marty: "Are you a spy?"
Sarah: "No, I'm not a spy."
Marty: "Are you a mom?"
Sarah: "Yeah, I'm a mom."
Marty: "You kind of suck at it."
Sarah: "Yeah, I'm working on it."

Pyle asks Derek about the war, did he get many kills, says he wants to be one of the best of the best.  Derek lays into him, telling him a true story from the war.  Culminates with stating that you're fighting "On behalf of the whole damn human race."

The look on John's face at the end of that scene... respect?

Derek: "He was just a boy."
John: "So were you."
    That's gotta be one of the most adult things John has ever said.

Props to Ellison's Sherlock Holmes skills, though it makes me sad that he's helping out Weaver (now she knows there's a Terminator who battles Terminators!!!) -- even though he doesn't know she's evil.  Their respective goals posit Ellison as an avenging angel, huh? -- "before the nightmare begins."

Marty to Sarah: "Well, you saved my life, right?  So good plan.  Thank you."
    And Sarah cuddling up with Marty when he got to a scary part, and offering to read when it got to another scary part.  [And I called the tar as soon as John shouted to distract the 888 -- though I hadn't realized there was a full-on pit -- but it didn't occur to me to connect it to the melty Witch; nicely done.  And did Cameron look sad in that shot at the end of that scene?]

[Oh, and earlier, John: "So this is what's gonna kill it?" Derek: "Make it stop.  Reconsider its life choices."]

    ohmigod, I love that SO SO much

Derek to John: "We rescued 40 prisoners that day.  One of them was John Connor.  [...]  He died for you.  We all die for you."

(Also: I like that John looking more and more adult coincides with him crying -- and the fact that he's crying because the import of it all is really sinking in on a much realer level than it ever has before I think works really well)
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