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presidential debate #2: town hall version

Tom Brokaw: "Those of you at home, of course, are not so constrained."

Oh, so the audience members actually get to ask their questions themselves.

[McCain, on who, he would elect to Paulson's position]  "Not you, Tom."  What kind of lame joke is that?

McCain answers the question focusing on issues of trust and corruption.
Obama focuses on his fundamental differences with McCain (I couldn't even tell you what those differences are, 'cause he talked for a long time).

McCain says it's not a "bailout," it's a "rescue."  [eyeroll]

I also don't have a lot of patience with the "suspended my campaign" line.

You may have never heard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before this crisis?  Srsly?

Obama: "I've gotta correct Senator McCain on some of his history -- not surprisingly."  Ouch.

Obama: "But you're not interested in hearing politicians point fingers."  He says after having done a far amount of finger pointing.

Brokaw: "In all candor, do you think the economy will get worse before it gets better?"
McCain: "I think it depends on what we do."
    Good answer.

Theresa(sp?): "How can we trust either of you with our money, when BOTH parties got us into this global economic crisis?"
Obama: "I understand your frustration and your cynicism.  [...]  And you're right, there's a lot of blame to go around.  [...]  I'm cutting more than I'm spending [in my budget plan]."  He talks about how Bush took us from a surplus to a deficit.
McCain: " [...] The system in Washington is broken."  He talks about his "clear record" of reform and bipartisanship.  "Let's talk about your records as well as our rhetoric."  He talks about energy independence (second time so far he's hit that talking point and it's only 9:23).

What's your priority list of: health care, energy, entitlement reform?
McCain: "I think you can work on all three at once."

Obama says we do have to prioritize (like families have to), and goes on to talk about various thing he sees as extremely important, listing energy first, but also naming, for example, education.

They're paying $3.80 for gas in Nashville?  Wow.  We paid $3.29 on Friday, and I think I saw $3.19 tonight.

Brokaw (reminding the candidates yet again -- less than a half an hour in, I note -- of the rules they agreed on including the time constraints): "We're gonna have a larger deficit than the national government if we don't get this under control."

Internet question: What sacrifices will you ask of the American people/

McCain's advocating a spending freeze?

Obama brings up 9/11. "To make us not only safer, but a better country. "
''Go out and shop.'  I don't think that's the kind of call to service

I'm not as tired of Obama's "scalpel" line as I am of McCain's "My friends" -- I think because I feel like "scalpel" is more an actual metaphor, whereas "my friends" is just a rhetoric line.

I liked Obama's line about making sure that people who need help [i.e., tax relief] get it and people like himself and Sen. McCain who don't need help don't get it.

Obama wants to respond to McCain and Tom Brokaw's like, "No, seriously, you all agreed to these rules."

Obama (responding to an internet question about I don't even remember what): tax credit for small businesses so they can provide health care for their workers.

McCain: "It's not tough to fix Social Security."
me: rly?
Brokaw: "Medicare."
McCain: "I'll get to Medicare in a minute."

Base Closing Commission?  Was that like the West Wing episode?  *Googles*

Brokaw: "Sen. Obama, I'm gonna stick by MY part of the pact and not ask a follow-up question."

Dreadlocked young black woman asks about climate change and my computer hiccups.

Obama: "This is not just a challenge but an opportunity."

9:48pm, Brokaw: "You may not have noticed, but we have lights here ... red, yellow..."

I like this idea (which I've heard from Obama before) about getting rid of the pre-existing condition disqualifcation for health insurance ... but it also make me nervous (the more insurance has to pay for, the bigger the strain on the system).

Brokaw: "Is health care a right, a privilege, or a responsibility?"
    What kind of question is that?

Obama, you just said all the banks go to Delaware because of their loose credit card laws (arguing that health care providers will go to states with lax laws if allowed to move)?  Do you really wanna say that given that your VP is from Delaware?

Ooh, Doctrine for use of force in humanitarian crises when there's no national security issues at stake for us.

Obama mentions the Holocaust as his first example of, Wouldn't you want to stop that if you could?

McCain said you have to temper your decisions with your ability to beneficially impact (brings up Somalia, for example).

Katie: Should we respect Pakistani sovereignty and not pursue terrorists there, or should we do what we did in Cambodia?

McCain talks about Roosevelt's "Talk softly and carry a big stick" and cooperation and stuff (as opposed to invading Pakistan, for example).

Obama asks to follow up, and McCain says that's fine.
Brokaw: "I'm just the hired help."

McCain says he knows how to/can get Bin Laden, but he's not going to telegraph his punches (which is what saying you would invade Pakistan is, I guess?).

internet: How can we apply pressure on Russia re: humanitarian issues without provoking another cold war?

Brokaw: "This only requires a yes or a no.  [...]  Is Russia an Evil Empire?"

audience veteran: "I know both you expressed your support of Israel.  If Iran attacked Israel, would you commit troops [...] or would you wait on approval from the UN Security Council?"

McCain begins his response with: Of course we wouldn't wait for the Security Council, and closes with, "We can never allow a second Holocaust to take place."

Obama: "It's important that we don't give veto power to the UN or anyone else in acting in our interests."  "They import oil, because their oil infrastructure has fallen apart."  "That starts changing their cost-benefit analysis."  Hee!

NH internet: "What don't you know, and how will you learn it?"
Obama: "My wife Michelle could give you a much longer list, and usually I learn it by asking her."  "It's not the challenges you expect, but the challenges you don't expect."  I find this somewhat amusing/ironic given how often they have answered a question saying things like, "Russia is certainly going to be a major issue for the next president to deal with."
McCain: "I think what I don't know is what all of us don't know."  "We'll be dealing with countries we might not even know where they are on the map now."

They only ran about four minutes over.

Brokaw: "And you're in my way of my script." [as McCain and Obama leave their seats and walk in front of the teleprompter]

Edit: CNN's post-debate footage was all of Obama shaking hands and stuff with people in the audience. Did McCain go home, or is it just that CNN likes Obama better?

Edit2: Some Democrat woman was on CNN AM the next morning and said that she didn't see this town hall format as McCain's strength at all, and also pointed out that afterward Obama stuck around and "did a Bill Clinton," working the room, while McCain just left the room.
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