Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

not the National Catholic Office for the Deaf /inside joke

I've self-identified as queer/bisexual for almost 8 years now. Wow.

I mean, in some ways it feels like a "duh, always" kind of a thing -- 'cause hi, that was my senior year of college high school, so it was like the start of my "adult life."

My facebook status says, "Elizabeth knows coming out is every day."

I think my being queer/bisexual is like my being vegetarian and my being libertarian. There are no obvious visual cues, and people often assume (reasonable inferences based on a variety of context clues) that I'm at one end or the other of a spectrum I'm more complicatedly in the middle of. I mention my identity when it comes up, though I'm sometimes hesitant to do so, and people often remember and sometimes don't.

At CAUMC group this Thursday, when we were washing dishes, Laurie was talking about doing karaoke with a bunch of Scandinavians in a hotel bar in Greece. I said that totally beat out my story of going on an English-speakers pub crawl in Rome with my brother. I mentioned that I'd tried to get a straight girl drunk enough to make out with me, which was just an unsatisfying experience. Laurie said something about it being a shame that not everyone wants the same thing. I said, "If there were any cute boys, I would have wanted to make out with them, too..." I like coming out in this way, providing information as an organic part of a storytelling -- even though at the same time I'm also making a very conscious effort to make sure my whole identity gets communicated/understood (something I definitely don't do all the time, which I think is okay, though sometimes I do think I'm copping out and not wanting to "make a big deal out of it").
Tags: coming out, national coming out day

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