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"demented and sad but social"

This morning at the gym I was chatting with Joy -- about baseball and Seven Sisters and stuff. I said we should have coffee sometime and she said yeah and took my email address. Everyone is so frakking busy (myself included). Lizzy from RED class and I are gonna have coffee at Crema Cafe this coming Tuesday, and Laurel and I agreed that we should hang out and talk religion sometime. Katie and I agree we should hang out more. I got a Starbucks card with $5 on it (promo giveaway outside the T Wednesday evening), which means I can try out the salted caramel hot chocolate Megan recommended.

Though I haven't been entirely unsocial. I mean, Katie and I did dinner+Target Tuesday of last week. [Sidebar: Housemate says Linens 'n' Things has gone bankrupt and is liquidating.] I phoned with Cat this evening, and tomorrow after volunteering at the CHPC flea market I'll be heading to JP to hang out with Laura Ruth and other UCC Somerville folk. And next weekend I'll be in Norwood.

muskratjamboree update: jadelennox and fox1013 have expressed interest in persuading me to go, and marginaliana has decided to try to go, which may may tip me into the Yes column. Registration opens Sat. Oct. 25, so I have a little time yet to make up my mind -- though then the next question would be rooming since even though it's local I should probably live at the con for maximum value (edit: apparently you can't book rooms until January, so that gives me a significant amount of time). My big issue is that my entire exposure to the Canadian Actor Mafia is Ellen Page in X-Men 3/Juno/The Tracey Fragments and a few RPS fics -- oh, and like two and a half episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Though I swear I do actually want to watch Wilby Wonderful and Hard Candy.

Also, note to self: Writercon 2009 tickets go on sale at noon EST on Oct. 30.

I keep forgetting to do final confirming steps for booking flights, but the first weekend in January I'll be in San Francisco. I'm planning to see sk8eeyore&drinkeroftea. Anyone else?
Tags: muskratjamboree: 2009, planning ahead, writercon: 2009

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