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[T:TSCC] 2.06 "The Tower Is Tall but the Fall Is Short" [2008-10-13]

I don't know what to make of the title.

But more importantly: Everyone gets therapy!  Well, okay, not Ellison (who remains somewhat suspicious of Weaver et all -- good on him).  I know the woobie adolescent white boy is arguably overdone, but OH, JOHN!  Their first solo session I think it is, the first in the doctor's list of things John doesn't have to do/be (which we of course know he does), the look on his face is just superb, this mix of shock and tragedy.

Sarah: "John is not suicidal."
Derek: "No.  But what is he?"

When Derek said, "He saw his mom kill a guy," I thought, "Well that answers that ambiguity -- unless he's wrong."  And indeed, we get that final flashback (I hadn't even really realized until then that they were building the flashback, starting from just bare moments and then showing more and more -- which is a really neat device, and makes a lot of sense for something that they're studiously avoiding dealing with).

And the Terminator that self-destructs.  John says they don't want him reprogramming in the future.

Weaver's using the doctor to "raise" her AI.  The other orange-haired Terminator (sorry, I just have difficulty calling that color "red") seemed very un-subtle so I feel like it had to have been there to kill the doctor... which raises all sorts of interesting questions.  Is Weaver trying to build a different Skynet?

Weaver was wicked creepy with/around her daughter.  And oh, poor little Savannah.  My housemate said that Weaver seemed much more human when she was first trying to convince Ellison to join, so it's not like she can't do it -- but I think that was a very specific thing that she knew how to do; more casual interaction is different.

I love Cameron so much.

Sarah's difficulties being a parent almost mirror Weaver's in some ways -- this failure to connect with the child.  I want to say more about that, but I really have a headache and want to go to bed.

Jesse!  I didn't like how her wanting to escape, to rest, turned into her wanting to come back to be with Derek.  I guess this is countered by her turning out to be shady (surveillance photos!).  (Sidebar: I love that Derek has a "usual" at the hot dog vendor.)

Also, I am bummed that the doctor's assistant got killed :(  On the whole a win for representations of people of color, though.  I think all the (2? 3?) lab rats we saw were white guys, but we have another black man in a potentially recurring role (and as a healer/parent -- echoing the Charley theme of inverting gender roles), a non-Anglo woman who will likely recur and seems to have some agency, and one non-Anglo woman who ends up dead.
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