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I did 45min on the treadmill (4.0mph, 1.0 incline, striding at times).

I was hoping to get on Y!M and actually chat with mjules today, but again I was busy. I'm not sure I could even tell you what I did all day. My biggest chunk of downtime involved reading B's Al Dunlap case (and teaching note) as I'd been meaning to since econ class last week.

Today, B was asking me if I'd be interested in helping out with writing stuff, and I said yeah and mentioned how Alyssa and I had helped edit Max and Deepak's book. He said I must be really familiar with that book then. I said yeah and told the story of being in young adult church group discussion and finding myself using the phrase "parasitic value creation."

He said I'm really good at my job, that he would love to keep me for the next 30 years, that my organization is great and that it's appreciated not just by him but by the whole Unit. I'm sure this is true, but I thought, "Does anyone actually make a point of explicitly telling you that?" -- though Ian has thanked me and Katie for our help with Recruiting in multiple mass emails.

Trying to find dates/times to get anything scheduled with faculty takes forever, but apparently we FAs are ridiculously indecisive about picking things like, oh, a restaurant to eat at. Flist wanna decide my vote for me? The links go to the official websites, but feel free to check out Yelp or whatever. (Department is footing the bill, so normal concerns about price don't so much apply.)

Poll #1283679 work-sponsored dinner

Where should we go to dinner?



Rest and Bread ("Community")

Psalm 122

Sacred Text: Romans 12 (v. 8-12). I was struck even more so than I was when it was a Scripture reading in church recently by how bad the parallelism is.

Keith did the Reflection. He opened by talking about "community as context for vocation," though the bulk of the reflection ended up being about community sort of more generally. He did end by saying, "as we have received, so let us go and give."
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