Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"We've a story to tell the nations -- a story of truth and light."

This has been running through my head for the last couple of days.

I did ~30min in the weight room.  I really need to read Smart Girls Do Dumbbells, 'cause the mornings I have the time/energy to do additional free-weight stuff I feel at a loss as to what to actually do.

I can has mjules chat!  (Though I am so much less efficient doing real work when I am chatting at the same time.  I'm like the opposite of ADD.  I did get a lot accomplished at work today, though -- and big thanks to various scheduling things outside of my direct control falling into place.)

In a vague too-busy/tired-to-write-thorough-entries way, my post yesterday was celebrating my job.

I am wired for administrative support.  I get to sit at a desk and be on the computer and organize stuff, and I am competent and people appreciate my work.  I work in a department of brilliant academics who are generally sweet and fun on top of that, many of whom are interested in nifty stuff like behavioral decision making.  My primary boss (along with, y'know, everyone else) recognizes that I'm good at my job and am a generally smart and talented person and will likely not stay in this job forever -- and wants to help me succeed in whatever next stage, when it comes to that.

In a similar vein, listening to other people talk about their kids, I am struck by how functional my family was growing up (and still is).  My brother and I are definitely still works-in-progress, but my parents did a really amazing job.

Other joys:

Blah blah, redactedcakes [v.2, for those of you playing the home game].  (Er, that was not intended to be melodramatically cryptic.)  And I got to have coffee with Katie after work.

We walked outside to get lunch today, and it was this beautiful almost winter air, bright blue sky.  Makes me so happy.

At Affirmations tonight, Meredith talked about how much I love my job and how in college everyone she knew had high-powered dream job goals and no one aspires to do admin support, but hearing me talk about my job, she thinks, "I could do that," and so if she decides to change careers it's definitely something she would consider now.  She said, Thank you for helping me to stop being a snob.  I laughed and said I didn't think I usually had that effect on people.

But it is a really good point.  People (including people I work for) often tell me I'm too good for this job.  [sings "worthy"]  And if the idea is that I have other skills that I could create more value by using -- if the opportunity cost of choosing to stay in this job instead of, for example, training to do ecumenical/interfaith dialogue work... then okay.  But if the idea is that smart and talented people are demeaning themselves by doing support work -- I mean, you want to have smart and talented people...  (I've told Katie before that we're in a weird position because to be really good at our jobs, we have to be really proactive and stuff... but the kinds of people who are that kind of personality, usually aren't in support staff roles.)  We mostly get fresh-out-of-college people who use this job as a stepping stone on the way to "bigger and better things," which is fine, but I'm not actually wasting my college degree if I choose to stay here.  (Er, this is sounding more defensive than I intended.  I mostly don't get the "You are too good to stay here, when are you leaving" vibe -- mostly people appreciate my work and my presence and are happy with the present situation, and underlying that is a sense of "You're too good stay here" which is articulated just often enough to make me feel not taken for granted and etc.)


I really should go pack.  (I'm overnighting in Norwood tomorrow.)

Also, I need to get a new cell phone 'cause the battery on mine is getting really weak.  I disapprove of this replace-phone-every-year thing I seem to have going on.

I feel like Open Enrollment should be happening soon.  I really should actually figure out my 401K (not so much "how is my portfolio doing" but "what is in my portfolio").

Oh, and speaking of To Do List items, I need to make an appointment to get my hair cut next weekend (which also means deciding on a place), 'cause this week it reached that annoying stage.  At group tonight, actually, Mike said I looked good -- the hood of my sweatshirt and my hair and everything just really worked.  I feel like my Smith sweatshirt often isn't a really good look for me because it's oversize, and my hair was kind of annoying me, so this made me really happy.


Oh, one other thing.  We were talking at lunch about sucking the marrow out of bones (Anthony Bourdain, I think) and apparently this is supposedly really tasty.  I said that listening to this, I was actually be really interested in trying it -- except for the fact that I'm still ethically opposed to the killing of animals necessary to lead to that -- which surprised everyone.  I became a vegetarian in my mid-teens and was a picky eater before that, so there are tons of meats and meat dishes I've never had, and I rarely feel at all tempted to break my vegetarianism just to try them, but something about this idea (combined with the promise that it tastes really good -- yes of course I know ymmv)...  (And no I don't think it's just the Dead Poets Society reference.)
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