Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

blue drinks and dancing girls (or something)

At dinner on Tuesday night, somehow I said that when I get drunk I wanna make out with people -- but straight girls are really unsatisfying to make out with (not that any of the straight girls at dinner were volunteering -- though I was bemused that they were like, "We should take you out and get you drunk so you can make out with people!") and this led to talking about WriterCon 2006.

I said that I was all vague when telling faculty about my vacation -- "I went to a writers' convention... I met a lot of really great people... I had a lot of fun" -- all of which are TRUE, but... at lunch with MaryAlice and Eric I was like, "I went to a strip club and made out with girls.  It was awesome."

MaryAlice had been having a conversation at the other end of the table, and asked what we were talking about.  Laura was like, "Writer... Con...?"  Without missing a beat, and with a total straight face, MaryAlice said, "Oh, the erotica porn..."

For WriterCon 2009 I was Order 22 :)  I feel sort of bad about getting an early-bird discount ticket since I can totally afford to pay the full price, but we were doing noon lunch, so I just registered while Katie was in the ladies' room.

Similarly, I feel almost like I'm cheating someone out of a muskratjamboree slot, but marginaliana and fox1013 and jadelennox are all going... so I think I will enjoy myself.

And it sounds like we'll be rooming together, which yay -- since I know from experience that sleeping elsewhere than at the con hotel cuts down on your fun.  Hotel registration doesn't open until January, though.

writercon hotel registration is open, though, and itsabigrock got us a room.  (It's a room for 4, so if you need a place to sleep, be in touch.)
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