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"Tomorrow we'll discover..."

Change and freedom are both excellent rewards for voting, but so is free ice cream.

Also: sex toys.

My state's gonna go blue as far as the Presidential election, so I want to vote 3rd party (that seems so weird to say given that I have 6 parties to choose from), but I'm really not excited about any of them.

I read stuff criticizing Obama, and part of me is really easily swayed.  In part because I really enjoy being contrarian (and I'm surrounded by left of center folk in just about all my spheres), but there's also the fact that I'm so hesitant to commit myself to actually being pro-anything because I'm always so conscious of the (potential) criticisms.  So I'm in my comfort zone when I'm criticizing (or not involved).  I'm some sort of lazy maximizer [Google: maximizer vs. satisficer].

But then I read stuff like [David Post, November 2, 2008 at 10:38am] Why I'll Be Voting for Obama and I feel like, "Yes!" and part of me really does want to be excited about Obama for President.

Andy Bryan (Enter the Rainbow) attended an Obama rally and wrote:
Two moments of the rally were most profound for me.  [...] The second moment was when he was contrasting one of his positions with McCain's position, and the crowd started booing. He kind of cut us off, saying, "You don't need to boo, just go vote." I had read about him saying that before, but to experience it made an impact on me. The crowd did not boo any more after that. By way of comparison and for what it's worth, Governor Palin did not stop the crowd at her rally from booing.
This struck me particularly because on CNN AM I'd seen clips from a McCain rally, and hearing the crowd boo in response to criticisms of Obama really bothered me -- not because it brought to mind accusations of hateful/violent things said by attendees at McCain-Palin rallies, but just because I don't like that emphasis on attacking the opposition (I complained about this during the RNC); and yes I know this sounds dissonant with my critique-stance, but I feel like there's a legitimate difference between "booing" and, y'know, actual critiquing.

liz_marcs linked to this macro from PunditKitchen, which I enjoyed.

from my housemate's flist: Les Misbarack ("One Day More") [YouTube]

the earth is a hard place to imagine
if you start from scratch
-from "Black Straw" by Don Domanski
I did 45min on the treadmill (4.0mph, 1.0 incline). It's funny, after the first mile I really wanted to take a break and stride, but I pushed through and at the end of the second mile I was fine to just keep going.

It's funny, when I'm feeling so tired/unfocused/motivated... I forget that Getting Shit Done really does help me feel better.  (Though I do think I needed the weekend to take a break from work and get some rest.  And I am rly looking forward to going to bed tonight.)

CallunaV recently said:
I suspect it's different for everyone, and my issues =/= your issues and so forth, but I feel like most of us are not so incredibly short-sighted and self-indulgent that we would squander our work time just for the hell of it. It's because we hate the work, or we hate the person we're working for, or we're afraid we can't do it, or we're afraid that doing it will make us feel horrible, or we don't want to face what comes next when it's done, or we're angry that we have to do it in the first place...things that aren't reasonable, so we don't admit them to ourselves a lot of the time, which makes everything more frustrating: why am I playing this solitaire game I don't even like instead of doing what I need to do when A: I know I need to do it, B: I don't actually dislike it, and C: I know I'll feel good when I'm done? Why? Why?
It was really useful to me to have that articulated like that -- because, yeah, there are real reasons I get avoidy, even when I know I'm being irrational.

wtg, DST, it was srsly dark out when I left work.  I kinda like it, though.  Walking across the river with all the lights -- it's... "romantic" has connotations I don't intend, but it makes me think of being downtown or something in winter with all the positive connotations of the Christmas season (stuff like Handel's Messiah).


I never did get to finishing last week's update post.


There was a smudge of rainbow above FAS campus across the bridge as we left work yesterday.

This morning (c. 7:15), looking east down Broadway, pink and blue clouds and bright sun (watery pale pool of molten yellow with bright orange around the edges).

I did 45min on the treadmill (4.0mph, 1.0incline, only striding a bit after the first mile).

At like 10:25 the fire alarm went off.  I was like, "Do they really want me to leave?  I have stuff to do!"

Work is not b-a-n-a-n-a-s, but sometimes I feel like, "I need my own assistant!"  B says the bank crisis thing is mostly wrapped up, though (at least his part in it), so work should be calmer.

Possibly one of my issues with my new phone is that it's a Samsung rather than a Motorola?  (i.e., that's why the menus are all different?)  I dunno.


Rest and Bread ("Joy")

The Psalm was Psalm 98 -- "sing a new song," which meant I was singing "We Are Called" to myself for much of the rest of the evening.

There was a mission(?) group from South Africa present -- which like doubled the size of the present congregation.  Instead of our usual Reflection, they shared a number of songs with us and spoke some about their group.

I didn't lift up any prayer concerns because I felt sort of uncomfortable in the space -- and I can rationalize that having lots of new people in a familiar space is disconcerting, and I do think that's true, but I also think that some of it was that their imperfect English, their "foreignness," made me feel uncomfortable, which is not something I'm proud of.



I did 20+min in the weight room.  Didn't do my full routine.  I stayed up for an hour last night winding down after the stuff with L., so I was tired.

In contrast, today was v. quiet and I did like no work.  (Heh, I glanced at my horoscope in the metro while waiting for the train home: "You don't have to move mountains."

I make posts like the one about L. and then I feel like a bad lj friend that I can't be arsed to leave LJ comments like "Happy Birthday" or "hugs."

In other news, I love how explaining situations to people helps me process.


I was tired, so I did 45min on the treadmill at 3.5mph at 0 incline.

The Today show had Fairy Tale Feud.
One question was something like, How do all fairy tales end?  I was like, "huh?"  I knew what they were looking for (though it took me a moment to call to mind the actual phrase "And they all lived happily ever after"), but even leaving aside the fact that plenty of Grimms (for example) tales end with the scene of the wicked getting punished (e.g. the red shoes on Snow White's wicked witch, Cinderella's stepsisters getting their eyes pecked out), the two teams were Mother Goose and Brothers Grimm, and I was like, "But Mother Goose is mostly nursery rhymes, and the German folk tales end with some tale/tail pun, don't they?"

Project Gutenberg gives me: "My tale is done, there runs a mouse; whosoever catches it, may make himself a big fur cap out of it." ["Hansel and Gretel" -- and admittedly the line before that is, "Then all anxiety was at an end, and they lived together in perfect happiness."] and reminds me that I should have remembered, "and if they have not died, they are living still" ["Fundevogel"].


mjules: I am flabbergasted.    9:40 AM
me: By?    9:40 AM
mjules: This... organization thing    9:41 AM
mjules: A scholarship search was asking me if I was members of any organizations, etc., and this was one of the ones it mentioned.    9:41 AM
mjules: "Job's Daughters International"    9:41 AM
mjules: and I'm thinking, "What? It's for girls who got their dad drunk and got pregnant by him?"    9:42 AM
me: That's Lot.    9:42 AM
me: Or Noah.    9:42 AM
mjules: Oh. Lot, you're right.    9:42 AM
mjules: Okay, my brain feels a bit better now.    9:42 AM
mjules: Job's daughters died for pagan worship, that's right. *laugh*    9:42 AM
mjules: Still seems like an odd thing for an organization's name.    9:43 AM
me: Did they? My immediate thought was, "The ones who got killed while satan was testing Job, or the new set?"
mjules: Mmm, good question.    9:44 AM
mjules: It was mainly when I thought it was Lot's daughters.    9:45 AM
mjules: I could not for the life of me understand why someone would name the organization that. *laugh*    9:45 AM
mjules: You know, except the part where he offered them to the local pervs in place of the angels.    9:46 AM
mjules: And I thought, Well, maybe it's for girls who've been raped or something.    9:46 AM
me: wiki to the rescue.... Mother Mick was fond of the Book of Job, and took the name of the organization as a reference to the three daughters of Job. The Book of Job, 42nd chapter, 15th verse says, "In all the land were no women found so fair as the Daughters of Job, and their father gave them inheritance among their brethren". -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Job%27s_Daughters_International    9:47 AM


Amy posted:
I was reading a book yesterday (I do that sometimes) and I stumbled upon this passage that I really really liked.

It's a book about a publishing house, and the context is, the illustrator and the publisher are talking about text to accompany illustrations of Genesis:

"Rewrite it? But I can't rewrite the Bible."

"You're going to recreate the world, aren't you? Then you might as well go all the way and rewrite the Bible."

"You're going to recreate the world, aren't you?" is the best description I've ever seen for why someone would want to create anything. It makes me happy.
In comments, she said to me, "I actually thought of you at that part!"  *twirls*


At the gym this morning, Joy and I had been talking about how we kinda wished Halloween parties were on Saturday so we could sleep tonight.  I'd been invited to Mike and Meredith's, and I kinda wanted to just go to bed early (plus, it was at 7pm, so I knew I wouldn't get a proper dinner), but I went.  I did have a nice time.  Meredith's childhood friend Deena was there, as were Jess and Sue from CAUMC, Tyler from Mike's work, and Sarah from Meredith's work.

We played a few rounds of Scattergories, which I had actually never played before (yeah, I know).  I like it.


email from my mom:
Marian left a message to say:
Granddad was asking why they keep taking his temperature and they said, we do that for people who are on antibiotics.
He said, I'm on antibiotics? For what?
For a urinary tract infection.
Which is a major cause of confusion etc in elders.
Apparently they neglected to mention that to Grandma.
So the really good news, according to Marian, is that it was a UTI causing the problems, which means he did not have  a stroke, even a mini-stroke, and we can all be very relieved.
I imagine the grands are a little cranky about not being told these minor details,
but relieved all the same.

Crazy New England weather.  There were days this week so raw my skin cracked, and today I went out in a t-shirt and jeans.

I went to April's on Holland St. to get my hair cut.  I just had them wet my hair since I had just taken a shower, so it only cost me $20.  A nice blonde woman named Katie cut my hair, and she was all excited -- said as she was cutting my hair, that it was looking "so cute it's ridiculous."  She had me sit under one of those hoods to dry my hair.  I felt like I was in Steel Magnolias or something.
    I didn't realize until later that while she cut the front to go to my ears like I'd asked, the back wasn't that short.  Sigh.  I may just go to SuperCuts to fix that.  It's shorter in the front than I was expecting, and more layered than before, both of which are fine but take a little getting used to.  It's the back that really bothers me.

Ari and I were talking about meatspace meetups and vouching for each other's existence and this led to discussion of the feasibility of one of us being the other's sockpuppet.  Early on, Ari said, "I think, in conclusion, not possible," but we still had fun working through the various logistics.  She met fox1013 and jadelennox briefly at Pride one year, so she joked that I could have "hire[d] one of [my] friends to walk around not saying anything.  Given (among other things) all the pictures that exist of both of us separately, it would have to be like us "and our sock puppet ARMY" (as Ari said).  I said if we were bigger BNFs (or, it occurs to me later, just wankier) I could totally have people wear "suckpuppet army" stickers at WriterCon.  Though honestly, it's funnier in our heads (though I suspect some of you all will appreciate the humor of it as well).

Unrelatedly, I forgot how good my okcupid profile is.  (I hadn't logged in in almost 2 years.)
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