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[T:TSCC] 2.07 "Brothers of Nablus" [2008-11-03]

As soon as Cameron mentioned Dinah I was like, "I know the punchline of that story."  Sarah said it was Cameron's kind of story, and I felt a little, "rly?" but then at the bowling alley...  My housemate said, "She's gotta stop leaving people alive," and when we see Cromartie... yeah.

When Weaver mentioned Job I was like, "But there's the bit afterward -- is that a later add on? -- wherein he gets back twice what he lost... which, okay, elides the fact that hi, individual human persons perished and you can't just replace them."  Writing it just now I'm like, "Oh yeah, and his going to see his ex-wife also works with paralleling that story."  What I thought at the time, when Weaver said, "Who spared you?" (after the "God spared Job" bit), was, "Does that make Cromartie God?"  The Machines are in some ways almost like unto God in their power, and there are in fact two sides, which does have this interesting parallel to God and the Adversary in the Old Testament (again, I didn't think the parallel quite that far until I was actually writing).

Right after Cromartie says he believes Ellison will lead him to the Connors, we see Ellison shed a tear, which made me think of something selenak said in her post on 2.05 "Goodbye to All That":
Then there is Ellison, who when talking to Catherine Weaver about the evidence for two machines he found is leaving out something highly significant in his story; the discovery he made about Sarah having been in the plant. The barkeep asked him "Did you find what you were looking for?" and Ellison replied "Quite the contrary". His determination not to lead anyone to Sarah Connor still stands, and since he didn't mention her to Catherine Weaver, I doubt he writes off the fact his first investigation for her led him straight into evidence for Sarah's past whereabouts as a coincidence. I don't think he suspects anything like the truth yet, but he definitely doesn't trust her completely, and edits what he tells her.
What else do I have to say about this episode?

I get points for having called that the interrogator seemed like a Terminator when he was questioning the witness the second time.  I forgot about Weaver's transformo-power, though, and was like, "Does Weaver have a Terminator she hired to pretend to be this cop?  How would that work?"  As soon as they copy said they had an eyewitness I was like, "But eyewitness acocunts are notoriously inaccurate -- except it's not really notorious, because every drama ever treats eyewitness accounts as if people have videocameras for brains."  (Also: You saw Cromartie kill your robot twin and it took you until the cop joked about you having a twin for it to occur to you that maybe that was the answer to this wtf situation?)

The Jewish pawnbroker was a stereotype, which was annoying.

I am not a fan of Riley.  I wanted to like Cameron's jailbait girlfriend from her first appearance, but I'm still not really feeling it.  Though I do suppose I have to give the writers a nod for having a variety of different female characters -- I mean, I love Cromartie's lack of lying (even though there's some suspension of disbelief with: are they really supposed to just get information from people by brute force and sheer persistence?  wouldn't programming them with some interpersonal stuff make sense?  though I guess part of the point is that you can't really "program" that) and her being like, "You want to hurt her?  Yes?  Good."  Though of course I eyerolled that she was all surprised that yes, actually, he is a creepy stalker.  LOVED that he (literally) threw her out of the car when she was calling kidnapping (I was like, "Um, he's stopping at every house, surely you could get out and hitch").

I am not a fan of Jesse.

I was really pleased at how well Kacy handled Cromartie.  (And okay, yes, I have to grudgingly give Riley points for having gotten rid of Cromartie -- but I was like, "John, just tell her that guy's a serial killer or something!  You have to stop her from getting to the door and you know it!"  And yeah, from her perspective it's frustrating to just be told "He's really really dangerous" and we sympathize with John because we know the bigger story... but her, "eagerness" for lack of a better word, was really bothering me -- driving afterward, all "if only you would tell me the truth, we could find a solution together because we are young and great and life is full of promise"... okay, okay, from her perspective this is not quite as unreasonable as it seems when one knows the bigger story.)
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