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[life update] mostly boring

Wednesday: I did 45min on the treadmill (4.0mph., 1.0 incline).  It felt easy; I'm not sure how much of that was that I was just energized from Tuesday night and how much was that I was really distracted with lots and lots of interesting tv.

Thursday: I upped the weights on ALL the machines I did, not just some like I did on Tuesday.  It's interesting which I can still do 3 sets of 12 reps on, which I do 2 sets, and which I only do 1 set.  I did ~30min, but a lot of that was resting -- partly 'cause I was doing higher weights, but also, I was just TIRED.  I seriously need to make a habit of going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Friday: 45min on the treadmill (4.0mph., 1.0 incline).  Tired, but jogged the whole way.


Thursday I had my 6-month dental appointment.

When I first came in, the hygienist (Meg) was chatting with me and then the dentist came in and said, "What are you talking about?"
me: How much I hate you, of course.
dentist: Hate is a big word.
me: It's only 4 letters, so it's actually a pretty small word.
dentist: We don't use the word "hate" in the Cook house.
me: I'm not in your house.
dentist: Guess who has 3 cavities?
me: Guess who could walk out of here right now?
dentist: But then I'd tackle you.

As it turned out, my teeth were totally fine, which was a nice change from oh every dentist appointment I've had since I started going to the dentist again.

Meg was visibly pregnant, and we were talking about my coming back in six months -- at which point she will surely no longer be pregnant.  She was saying that even with the ultrasounds and everything, until it's born you don't really know that it's a baby -- "It might be a dragon."  (Hi, Megan, I immediately thought of you.)
The (male) receptionist said, "Who would marry a dragon?"
I said, "Who wouldn't marry a dragon?"


Saturday, I was gonna go to the "hollyberry fair" at the Baptist Church (in part because I emailed their young adult minister back on Monday and haven't gotten a reply from him), but I slept in (I woke up at 7:30 and thought, "I went to bed after 1am... If I get up now, it will be naptime in a few hours," and ultimately I didn't get up until about 10am) and was then puttering and lazy and avoidant.  I'd also been talking about getting my hair trimmed, but it hadn't been annoying me much the last few days, so, see aforememtioned lazy... I finally (i.e., 2:30pm) did go pick up some groceries and did a load of laundry.

Somerville UCC was hosting a Game Night at 6:30pm.  I didn't really wanna go, but I'd mentioned it to a number of coworkers when answering the "weekend plans?" question, and I suspected it was the kind of thing where I was likely to enjoy myself once I got there.  Plus I could always leave and walk home.

One of the games was Crokinole (described by Shane as Canadian Amish Shuffleboard; I'd never played Shuffleboard, but it turned out to be much reminiscent of pool, with the spatial and the embodied).  We played me and Gary vs. Shane and Jenny.  Gary and I started out playing poorly, but then I got an awesome shot, and we did really well for the duration of the round (end: 30 points).  We lost the next two rounds, though -- 15 points and like 50 points the third round.  We stopped after 3 rounds instead of playing to 100 points because everyone else was ready to play Apples to Apples.

I won:
Talented (Indiana Jones - Christy)
Colorful (The Land of Oz - Peter and Rafe)
Quiet (Hair Transplants - Gary)
Selfish (Mafia)

And that was within the first like five or six hands.  But Gary came from behind and was the first to hit 5 (the winning mark).

As Judge, I awarded:
Fur to Emily for Cruel (narrowly beating out Jeffry's? Infomercials)
Absurd (Homer Simpson beat out Oranges, Hockey, and The Academy Awards)

It was about 8:30pm when the game ended, and at that point people headed out.  They're talking about doing it every couple of months or something.


I'm totally gonna be That Girl who, in like 30 years when my parents die, sends a departmental email saying: "My [loved one] died on [date].  Funeral information below.  I expect to be out on bereavement leave until [date] and have put in a call for a temp. I have purchased myself a tower of chocolate as a sympathy gift, to be expensed to the department.  Memorial contributions may be made to [charitable organization of loved one's choice].  If you would like to contribute through the Unit, you may do so through [coworker whom I've delegated]."


Before CWM tonight, Tiffany told me, "We were talking about you at SPRC."  Apparently like since I first showed up people have been excited about the prospect of putting me on a committee (this is what happens when you are a talented parishioner, Tiffany said -- not everyone gets this kind of welcome; in the Methodist church it's a sign of love and respect and welcome) and she's been putting them off, but she thought this was something I would be good at and would like to do.

After dinner I told Tiffany that I'd talked to Thi and Dan and I'd do it.  She said this was the easiest/fastest anyone's ever accepted a committee position -- usually people are like, "I'll get back to you... I'm gonna pray about it... I'm gonna discern..." and I said, "Yeah, but for something this easy..."  She said it's not easy for everyone, and I said, "I'm willing to believe that."

I really don't think of myself as a Finance person, but I guess I do fit basic criteria like: Showing up regularly, and Being organized.

At Singspiration I went from hanging out with the ushers to being one of the ushers -- filling in for Elyse, including becoming one of the people who double-counts the offering (which I learned to do working with Stacey at SCMA).  And of course there was Megan's email this morning.

Tiffany said that I am a loved and valued member of this community and she hopes I know that.  I said that I was thinking during service tonight that if I had to pick one to be "my church" it would still be this one.  She said they'd be welcoming new members in December.  I was like, "Ehhh, no."  She said, "You can discern..."  I said, "I'll think about discerning."
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