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"but i can do that anyday..."

Before i left work today, Stacey said to Linda, "You know how every time your car is in the shop we have a bad storm? We're gonna buy you a nice new car and it's gonna be sunny!" She had just seen a radar map showing a huge storm (like covering most of Connecticut) headed our way. As someone who doesn't have to walk farther than 5 minutes to get anywhere, i am very excited about this.

Suzannah's Norton Christmas Project came today. I brought it into her office and she asked me if i wanted to help her open it. Yay. It's a dollhouse made by Yinka Shonibare, whose work she was familiar with. I read the brochure to her while she unwrapped all the furniture. It's a replica of his house in the East End of London (dollhouses were originally replicas of the houses of their owners) and contains a miniature of his painting Diary of a Victorian Dandy and of a painting by someone else called i think The Swing, which apparently is a well-known painting. Linda was very excited about it. I was with Michael and Stacey in not being uber-excited about it, but as Suzannah said, "It's a girly thing," and as we all know, i mostly fail at being a girl (which is fine by me). I also don't think it's great art, just a nice dollhouse, but that's just me. I told Suzannah i'm not really much of an art person, but she thinks it'll start to wear off on me, especially once we actually have art again.

Ann had thought today would be my last day this semester, but i said i would be happy to work during reading period and exam period if she had work for me and she said it would be really helpful if i could work then.

I know i don't have to think about it for a number of months, but i keep debating about whether i want to continue to work here next year. Secretarial work isn't the best job ever, and i'm not really into museums, but i do really like most everyone i work with, and by the end of this school year i'll probably finally have the job down pat. :) I think the only other job i would really consider would be working for the Poetry Center. But who knows. And really, i don't need to think about this until near the end of next semester. What i really should do now is get in touch with more places so i can do a Praxis and pay for Oxford, plus get cracking on all the schoolwork i have due in the next few days. And figure out who my favorite literary character is.

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