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[T:TSCC] 2.08 "Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today" [2008-11-10]

OMFG my show!  Those were basically my thoughts that whole first segment.

I love Cameron so so much.  Heat and loneliness and ...

And Sarah raises a legitimate point that John is putting Riley in danger.  Just about every line in that first pre-commercial break segment was so solid.

Points to Riley for awareness -- about how Sarah "doesn't like surprises" and so on.  I liked her more on that bus ride than I had pretty much her whole time on the show prior.  And her "You're thinking of a lie or a joke."

When Riley left that night and they were just holding hands, I was like, "chaste-est relationship ever," and then John sneaks out of the house, and then there's this like fakeout where you almost think they're in bed together but it's actually a bubble bath.  And she talks about how "people suck" and she doesn't want to get attached to people, and it's like they're these broken people who are still such children.  And the background knowledge that she doesn't want to get attached to people makes her "I don't want to run away from you" so much more powerful.

It's a little troubling that John's runaway gets validated by the narrative -- if he hadn't left, Cromartie would have found and killed him immediately ... though you do kind of forget about that by the end.  (Though he's also stupid to go back to Deljado [sp]...  Speaking of stupid, though, what was Sarah trying to accomplish by throwing herself out of the car?  Cromartie was talking to her -- and she was responding -- so he would clearly know if she got out.)

Cromartie tells Sarah she should have killed the boy at the bowling alley, and she says, "I'm not a murderer."
Cromartie says, "Who is?" and I love his tone in that line.

Sarah sees the photo of Cameron, and Cromartie says, "She's made mistakes."  This is interesting, because machines don't make mistakes; humans do.

Wow, Cromartie mirroring Christ on the Cross.  And Cameron looks... I would say "upset."

Ellison refers to Cromartie as "it."

Edit: I was wondering what reference I was missing with the title (days later I thought of Fergus from mt's poetry class, but that doesn't really work), but a a commenter in selenak's lj says: "Mr. Ferguson is ill today" is Chromartie's first sentence in the Pilot.
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