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<30min in weight room.  With the revised-up weights on all my machines.  Did 2 sets of most all my machines (did 3 sets of a couple).  Didn't up my free weights, but I did 3 sets of 3 exercises, so I think I'll up the weights on Friday.

Had dinner with Laurel last night at Namaskar.  Was my first disappointing dinner there.  (It's like the 4th time I've been there.)  We ordered kabuli naan, and at first they brought us the wrong naan and then they brought us the right kind (they caught their mistake before we said anything) but it still didn't have raisins in it, which made me sad.  And they misheard my order so I ended up getting a dohai with more stuff in it and $3 more, which wasn't a huge deal 'cause I could take home the leftovers but I was still kinda sad 'cause I wasn't wicked hungry so really I had just wanted the rice&lentils crepe, not the one with potatoes too.

Lizzy finally emailed me back this morning.  She's taking the LSAT on Dec. 6, so her life is insane.  I was comforted that she wasn't avoiding me, nor had my email(s) been lost to the ether.  (I definitely know how easy it is for emails to get forgotten about in busyness, but I didn't wanna be a nag.)

I am apparently making chocolate chip cookies when I'm home over Thanksgiving because I told Ian I didn't like his as much as my mom's and he said, "There's this idea in economics:  cheap talk."

On the way to the T after class, I was telling Laurel about flying down to meet sk8eeyore and wisdomeagle and how I thought I was shy and introverted and they turned out to be the most shy and introverted people I had ever met in my life.  She said, "Oh good, so I guess I can't be the most shy person you've ever met."  I almost laughed in her face.  She said in class she's a gunner (her word), but that unless she clicks with people...  But she's already stated that we click, so there's that.

Rest and Bread ("Restoration")

Before service, Laura Ruth asked me, "Do you want to become a member of our church?"  I said, "No, but thanks for asking," and she snapped her fingers like, "Drat!"  I told the story (abbreviated) of Tiffany asking me to be on Finance Committee, and Keith said, "So we can get you to be on a committee, we just can't get you to join the church," and I said that was about right.

Laura Ruth said she had brought back tchochtkes (her word) from Israel for everyone she works with and did I want one.  She held out two olive wood carvings: one she referred to as a nativity scene, though I was skeptical (and when she conceded she had purchased it in a Muslim shop I was very intrigued), and a Jerusalem cross.  The scene is a winged/robed figure, possibly with a trumpet, with likely a bird though one could read it as a tree bent over (there's an arch over the scene, since it's all carved out of a single piece of wood), and a star above.  I chose the Jerusalem cross, and want to find a gold chain so I can wear it under my shirt (though Googling it, I'm disturbed that it's also "the Crusader's Cross").  I seem to be accumulating trinkets, as I took home Sean's pocket-sized plastic Jesus after group last week.

Psalm 81.
Sacred Text was an excerpt from Annie Dillard's For the Time Being about Jewish tradition, and I was totally failing to process any of it, but Keith did the reflection and talked about the myth of the vessels of holy light shattering, and about sparks returning to God, and about prayer being a part of the healing of the world.

In the Prayers of the People, one woman prayed for her brother, said he is so full of hate (for gays, for black people, etc. -- and she's a white woman engaged to a black woman, so I imagine this all must hurt her very much), and she said she prays that God shine on him and give him a little joy, and I was so struck by that focus on how unhappy this man must be rather than reacting out of her own unhappiness.
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