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"better things are on their way"

Last night I suspected I gave myself a headache eating too many cookies after dinner, and by the time I went to bed my stomach was feeling awful -- not like I wanted to throw up, just awful.  I felt better in the morning, though I still had a slow start to the morning and considered not going to the gym.  I actually ended up doing most of my usual weight room routine (~25min).  Back at the office, Bill S. commented to me something along the lines of my being really dedicated (he sees me at the gym a lot).


I did two expense reports this morning, promptly, which yay, since recently I seem to be disinclined to do any "work" except filing Recruiting applications.  (P.S. Our faculty CRACK ME UP.)

And I remembered to sign up for Secret Slasha.  [Signups open until Nov. 25]

HIGHLIGHT of the day: Being introduced to a faculty member's s.o. as "another one of our overqualified faculty assistants."


I got a postcard from the Red Cross, indicating where I had agreed to give blood in Medford on Mon. Nov. 24.  Temple Shalom, 475 Winthrop St.  GoogleMaps tells me this is 2.4mi from Davis Square and estimates I could walk it in 49min.  For comparison, it says I live 1.3mi, 26min, from Davis Square, which seems about right to me.

MBTA TripPlanner says I can do it in 34min:
# Bus Service 94 Medford Sq Via W Medford
5:33 PM Depart from Davis Sqare Busway
5:49 PM Arrive at High St & Winthrop St - Winthrop Circle
# Bus Service 134 Winthrop St Via Riverside Ave
6:02 PM Depart from High St & Rural Ave - Winthrop Circle
6:04 PM Arrive at 475 Winthrop St & Temple Shalom
# Walking Walk For 3 Mins. To 475 Winthrop St., Medford Ma
Walk approx. 1 block NW on Winthrop St.

Yes, it cracks me up that the bus drops me at the intersection of my destination and my destination and yet the final instruction is to walk for 3 minutes to my destination.


Laurel came over tonight to hang out.  She played with/petted the cat, and I petted her.  It worked out well.  I also learned that my housemate (outreach therapist) has a pocket-sized copy of the DSM-IV :)  Near the end of her (<5hr!) stay, Laurel asked, "Is there a restroom I could use?"  We cracked up.  I was like, "Sweetie, this isn't a public building where there might not be toilets; people live here."

In other news, housemate said that if I ever want a ride to Northampton some weekend that she's going out to see her boyfriend...  I really should take this under consideration since I haven't seen Emma -- or Stacey -- since what, Graduation/Reunion 2007? 
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