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re: activism around Prop.8 &etc.

I am not so much interested in critiquing artaxastra's specific post.

But I do think that getting to know the Other is really important.  I think a lot of people are scared of the people on the other side because they don't understand them.  And I think this is true of/on both sides.  I think it's harder to demonize people when you actually know them as people.  And I'm not trying to make the "we're just like you" argument -- I think that can be powerful and useful on an individual level, but of course it's often not true that "we're just like you/them," and I don't think that difference necessarily has to be scary.

At Bible Study after evening church tonight, Tyler asked Tiffany to talk about the Narrative work she does (Marshall Ganz) and she talked about probing for the "why" and talked about how our decisions show our values and how usually we can find shared values.

I feel like I should have much more to say on this, but this is about all I have at the moment.

I am basically only reading my flist on this issue, because I think that will keep my frustration to a minimum, but anyone who wanders here off of friendsfriends or wherever is welcome to comment -- and if there are posts you've seen elsewhere that you think are interesting, feel free to point me to them.
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